The Food of Misibis Bay

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Perhaps the best thing about the food at the island resort is the breakfast buffet spread included in your room. They do have lunch and dinner buffets but I never eat the appropriate amount of food for the price so for those meals, I opted to order from the menu.

SOP disclaimer, if you’re going to a luxe resort expect prices of food to be of the same standard. Got it? If you have that imbedded in your brain, prices of the food on the island are proportional to the serving size and quality of the food. The prices are ok for resort standards, not that pricey actually.

Complimentary Pumpkin Soup
Roasted herb pumpkin in chunky bites of cream.
Their version of pumpkin soup was delicious however it didn’t taste like pumpkin.

Frozen Iced Tea (P120)
P120 for a shake??? Diba, it’s just like dining in a restaurant in Greenbelt or BGC thus the prices aren’t that bad. I was sipping this shake while looking at the beach and it was heaven. It was the perfect lunch drink on a hot day. The resort doesn’t skimp on flavors since this shake wasn’t diluted – it packed a strong ice tea taste.

Island Kilawin (P420)
Fresh catch of the day marinated in native vinegar, young coconut meat, chili, native vinegar, lemon and Bicol chili. 

Bicol Express
I think it’s sacrilegious to head to the province and not try their famous dish. That being said, shame on me because I wasn’t able to devour this dish. I had my reasons mind you, it was lent and I gave up beef and pork. I’ve shied away from Bicol Express ever since I was young but Berenice enjoyed the dish immensely and egged me to try the sauce. If I were to try Bicol Express, where else to try it again than in its home right? I surprised myself once more since I liked this version; it opened me up to trying it in the future. I just wish it tastes as good in Manila.

Linguine with Seafood Pesto Sauce (P470)
Don’t be fooled by the photo, dishes at Misibis Bay are for sharing (by girl standards). For dinner we had the Kilawin, the pizza and a pasta and all 4 of us where filled to the brim.

Let’s take on the highlight of this entry, the breakfast buffet. We had plenty activities lined up for the day so we knew we needed to fuel up. They offered a diverse spread for guests which meant I was doing my usual breakfast buffet strategy – have a different theme every day to forego repeats and to maximize the selection. Day 2 breakfast was my “what to eat with rice” day while Day 3 was my American.

First off, isn’t this a stunning place to start your day?

Juice up! Yes, that’s fresh.

If you’re more of a fruit person, they have some for you as well. 

Hello Day 2 breakfast! 

This might come as a shock but I had my share of veggies.

Assortment of meat to partner with rice. 

Thank you for the dried fish section. Since I wasn’t eating meat I could only have chicken and seafood.

The Omelet station! I had a tomato and dried fish omelet – it was my first time to mix something like that and it won’t be the last.
The salad selection. 

What bread and cheese should I pick for my American breakfast? I had to control myself because I wanted to try everything.
 Pancakes, you don’t get more American than that. Y’all know I love pancakes and waffles so this was a treat for me.

Part of my American breakfast.

Special mention needs to be given to the resort’s hot chocolate – the girls raved about this constantly. They had it for lunch AND dinner. Again, I sacrificed chocolate for lent so I did the next best thing – I had a whiff of it.

I’m getting hungry just looking at the photos and at the same time in disbelief of the amount of food I had. Talk about a hearty start to your day!

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Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol Region, Philippines 

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