I love the beach life at Misibis Bay

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The beach baby is home. I was ecstatic to start the summer on the beach because I rarely do that. This trip was made more special because it didn’t rain during majority of our stay. I’ve been on a lot of rained out beach trips so this was a yay moment for me.

Hit the Beach
On our second day and after our failed attempt at capturing the sunrise, we hit the beach. What’s the first thing I do? Take photos of course.

After staying under the splintering sun I took refuge under the umbrella. With gorgeous weather like this, I could spend a whole day doing absolutely nothing by the beach. We felt the luxe treatment as we were served ice cold water and fluffy towels.

Would you like a glass of clouds?

Take a dip

I could never stay away from the calm water.

Hobie Cat like a Cool Cat 

Since they only had a few of these, we could only go sailing for 30 minutes. It was my first time to try it out and for something guests can avail free of charge, it was a serene ride. IF we had clearer skies, we could have seen Mayon.  

Saying au revoir to the shore as we sailed away.

Stand up and paddle proud. 

After sailing, I continued to take photos. I wasn’t able to try paddle boarding, which I actually really wanted to try, because I opted to lounge. Chill vibes won over trying something new – I was on vacation mode.

More water activities! 

Take your pick of what to try first - non-motorized water activities are complimentary for the guests. 

They kayak while I take photos or soak under the sun (with the help of an umbrella, don’t want to get sunburned again!).

Say hi to the fishies 
I always say – “I snorkel, I don’t dive”. I looooove seeing the wonders of the sea but I don’t want to start a hobby that is as “financially challenging” as traveling. I take my vice one at a time. Haha For this adventure, we had two guides while snorkeling. It was a good thing because one of my friends was a first timer and one of our guides stuck close to her. The waves were rather strong which made exploring tricky.

I love feeding the fish given that you get closer to them! Since I’m fair, some fish mistake me for the bread and end up nibbling on me.

 We saw a university of fish, because a school isn’t enough haha. 

I was a tad disappointed since we didn’t see a whole lot of variety of creatures but the snorkel site was in the vicinity of the resort so at least we didn’t travel very far. 

Talk about an impulsive buy – Danix scored her water proof camera a few days before the trip. I am thankful for her purchase since we got awesome photos. Since my underwater camera Dory died a few years back, I’ve missed documenting my snorkeling escapades. I make sure to wear a rashguard when I snorkel to avoid awful burns. My sweet spot is usually my lower back – the skin in between my life jacket and board shorts. You guys should also do the same. 

I can’t help but smile whenever I see our photos because we had amazing weather. We had bluer than blue skies and brilliant sparkling water. How much do I love the beach? This much - I did a cartwheel again because of happiness.

Oh the sunny beach life, I’ve missed you so! (As I write this, I miss it more.)

* Additional photos from Danix Labudahon.

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Misibis Bay
Cagraray Island, Bacacay, Albay Province, Bicol Region, Philippines


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