I don’t think Bantayan Island loves me very much

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear Bantayan Island,
When we first met in 2009, that meeting was short, rainy and uneventful. I’ve seen how gorgeous you are and was disappointed when I didn’t witness that. 

(not my photo...I didn't see this during my visit)

A seemingly good opportunity arrived and I seized it. During the short plane ride to Cebu, the weather looked very promising. I set foot on you once again wishing to finally see the awesomeness I’ve seen in photos but was sorely thwarted; the rain joined our reunion once again.

Needless to say my heart broke a bit because of this. My uninspired self hardly took any photos and spent most of my time sleeping. Our 3 day vacation with you was made worth it because of several factors.

Despite the gloomy weather, we had a magnificent time snorkeling during our island hopping tour. Even with the overcast, the beautiful colors of the ocean stood out.

The staff at Beach Placid were very accommodating, it may not have the professionalism you’d expect from a 5 star hotel but they were welcoming and in true Filipino fashion – hospitable. Also, this resort had a longer shoreline than Kota Beach Resort, where we stayed at in 2009, which I absolutely adored.

Any trip with good friends is always a great trip. Plus, the Lakwatseras helped so much!

So there Bantayan, I left you with a heavy heart. We rode the slippery slide bus ride back to Cebu City and on our last day in the South had an awesome dinner – hello Zubuchon! (Where my camera died. Haha Fitting.)

Will I ever catch a glimpse of your blue waters, white sand and long shoreline on a sunny day? Maybe not any time soon since I’m still hurt; anyone willing to sponsor a trip for me and my friends? I would gladly accept it. Haha

Til we meet again (hopefully) without the rain joining us,

* Additional photos from Berenice Ong, Kim Ignacio and Mj Maranion.

Beach Placid Resort

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