Doggos of Siquijor

Thursday, January 04, 2024

Is this for real? We actually have a new post AND a new travel series?!? Yessirmam! Birthday trips are back too after a 4-year hiatus. I went on a solo trip to Siquijor last year and it was what I needed. 

Siquijor is all about chill vibes. There are many reasons to love the island and allow me to begin with one of my faves – their doggos! There are SO MANY of them on the island in the best way possible. They are uber friendly and I never encountered an aggressive dog. Well, if you live on the island, you’d be in a good mood too.

This one was rather emo.

He mad yo.

Yup, a lot of them were doing this too.

Sunset sesh.

This one followed me “home” looool

Meet Baba, White Bada Guesthouse’s resident doggo. 

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