Where I stayed: Tropical FunTaSea + Island Deli

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

I was keen on getting a beachfront room because the island is gorgeous. Tropical FunTaSea fit the bill and it was conveniently located at Lala-O. As mentioned previously, it can get pricey to trike around the island. Since Tropical FunTaSea is centrally located, it was easy to walk to places to eat at. 

One minor thing I missed; it was amihan season when I visited which meant Tropical FunTaSea’s shore had a lot of seaweed. It apparently clears up from November – May WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN AWESOME. Guess it means another reason to be back! 

Taken on that ONE DAY the sun was out. Aaaawww seaweed season. IMAGINE this absolutely clean from Nov- May. Goooooo!I loved just being by the beach, staring at the view, listening to the waves crash. Cliché, I know but works for me. You also get a pretty good sunset view. 

- affordable beachfront
- great location
- warm and friendly staff
- complimentary water, coffee and tea
- the resort is keen on cleanliness in their restaurant and along the beach 
- only 1 trash can in the room
- no housekeeping > My trash can was never emptied. Also, I only noticed on my 3rd day that the spoon in my room was dirty. The water kettle still had water inside. I mentioned this to the friendly receptionist but I was just given a “We will tell the team”. 
- floor mat in the bathroom is dirty > Best to have bathroom slippers with you. 

Front row seats at the restaurant

Low tide in the afternoon

Balcony view when the sun is out BUT cloudy during the afternoon

Balcony view when the SUN IS OUT in the morning

Balcony view when it's cloudy in the afternoon


If you plan to stay longer in Siquijor, Island Deli is a staple. It was one of the most complete stores I saw in Lala-O. When you miss the comforts of the city, you can find a lot of the goodies here.

Lala-O, San Juan, Siquijor

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