How to get to Siquijor + Trusted Trike Driver

Tuesday, January 09, 2024

The easiest way to get to Siquijor is to make your way to Dumguete. From there take a boat going to the island. There are a lot of options when you get to the Dumaguete port. There’s the regular ro-ro and the fastcraft which have their pros and cons. I went with the boat that best fit my schedule.

- the ride is smoother
- free seating so you can walk around
- cheaper option at P234
- free seating, if you’re particular about your spot best to stay put or lose it
- takes 1.5 hours, it’s a tad longer but not that bad

- reserved seats > I only found out about this when we entered the boat. When you buy your ticket, the ticketing officer doesn’t say anything and assigns you a seat. If you’re particular about your spot, best to ask the ticketing officer if you can pick your seat.
- faster, takes 40-50 minutes
- more expensive at P455
- since it is faster, the ride is a lot bumpier

NOOB MISTAKE: I wanted to make my last meal on the island count and ate. I took the fastcraft going back to Dumaguete and because I was too dang full, it messed with my tummy. Looool I ended up vomiting in the last 10 minutes of the ride.

PRO TIP: Wag pakabusog! Lol Maybe just eat your heavy meal when you get to Dumaguete.

Before reaching the island, I booked my port pick-up and day tour with Kuya Jezzer. He was a referred to me by someone in my FB group. I eventually also booked my trike back to the port on my last day with him. 

Kuya Jezzer is friendly, kind hearted, and easy to communicate with. His trike is pretty comfy too for the day tour! If you need someone to bring you around, DM me and I would be happy to share his number with you. He has a traditional phone and does not have viber so best to text or call him.

NOTE: The easiest way to get around the island is to rent a scooter. If you are unable to do so, it gets pricey to get around. I was going 2 km away from my resort and the trike price was P150 since it was in another barangay already. Prices are pretty standard on the island.

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