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Monday, January 15, 2024

The one thing that surprised me about the island was how pricey the food was. I thought it was only the touristy restaurants that had Manila prices but I was wrong. Majority of eateries in Siquijor are priced like that, even the local eateries. My trike driver/tour guide confirmed this. Expect to spend P250-350 per meal.

On my first day I sought coffee and found my way to Kape de Guyod. It’s one of those touristy spots and I didn’t mind.

I mentioned what kind of coffee I was into and the barista surprisingly suggested the infamous off menu Starbucks drink – Americano, no water with breve. The cafe had Manila like aesthetics and prices. My drink was P200 – that’s a BGC price point! It was the best coffee I had on the island but heck the original is cheaper.  I also got their choco chip cookie and it was yum. It chunks of chocolate and I liked that it was on the crunchy side.

The staff were friendly and warm. I noticed a lot of people were also working during my visit.

One struggle I have when travelling is that I’m particular with my veggies. I only like a few so it’s challenging for me to find something I like. A lot of restaurants in Siquijor serve Filipino food and most of them only served chopseuy which was good for 2-3 people.

TMI but my body needs veggies. When I don’t get my allotment, my body feels off.  I was thrilled to see Shaka Café again because I knew, this will help balance me out on the trip. I loved them too much that I ate there twice. Shaka Café also happens to be a few meters away from
Tropical FunTaSea.

Falafel Wrap (P270)
Quinoa Salad (P270)
Iced Mocha (P160)
Loved LOOOOVED the food I ordered! Had the 2nd best coffee out of the 3 I tried.

Shaka Café also had the best view. One consistent thing about Siquijor – the people emanate a positive energy and again were uber friendly.

Finally met a cat! Expectations


A good cold glass of water by the beach is love

Tawhay Resto Café is conveniently located just across Tropical FunTaSea but I ended up eating there on my last day. They have breakfast food and known for their Asian food. I was honestly eyeing their Beef Rendang but by most last day, umay na sa rice.

I ordered their waffle and asked if I could change the side to bacon instead. The waffle was on the blonde side and would have been better if it cooked a tad longer. My breakfast plate had Maya and Purefoods feels in a comforting way.

Their Iced White Mocha was 16 oz. and had 2 shots of espresso only. They obliged when I requested for less ice and milk. At P130 their coffee was the most affordable I had on the island and it was decent.

Siquijor Circumferential Road, Solangon, 6227 San Juan, Siquijor

📍 Shaka Cafe 
Lala-O, San Juan, Siquijor

Lala-O, San Juan, Siquijor

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