My Siquijor Day Tour

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

When you search what do on the island, there is a suggested itinerary for your day tour. I steered away from some and gladly visited the others. Kuya Jezzer also gave suggestions and I’m glad I listened. I let him pick our route since he knew the island best. Siquijor is a laid-back island but you can do a lot. 

This was also the ONE day that the sun was entirely out during my trip – THANK GOD! 

📍 Salagdoong Beach
I mean, just LOOK AT THAT WATER. It’s bonkers how many shades of blue you can see. 

Can look and listen to this all day,

People normally come here to cliff dive. 

The beach and the water are pretty stellar so I would honestly suggest staying here longer. The beach was under renovation months back and was recently opened for day trippers. Their accommodations will open next.

📍 Random Beach
You know you’re in a beautiful place when you randomly stop cos my god, ang ganda.

📍 Lazi Church and Convent
Lazi Church is a popular tourist spot but I also wanted to dropped by a Church, any church, on this trip. This church happens to be National Historical landmark. Centuries old trees frame the church and the old convent beautifully.

📍 Tulapos Marine Sanctuary
It was my first time to go snorkeling in forever and it was SO. GOOD. I’m so glad I pushed through with this. Tulapos is clean and organized. I saw several schools of fishes, the type you see on TV and in movies. I spotted 2 pawikans. I also had a bunch of firsts:
1. To see a giant blue clam
2. A smackdown between a tiny fish (who deserved it) and a pawikan. DM me, kwento ko! Haha

I didn’t have an underwater cam with me so everything is just in my head. My guide was kind and funny which added to the experience.

📍 Cambugahay Falls
My photos don’t do justice to how pretty this place is. 

We arrived in the afternoon which is why the water looks green. I think if we arrived in the morning when the sun was up, the water would look blue. Ang sarap tumambay din dito.

📍 Paliton Beach
So this one is a bit of a tourist trap. Lol In the sense that you wonder, what am I doing here? There are a lot of people and establishments selling things. 

But they said this was one of the best places to see the sunset so I went. 

It was also my first time to see them human drones IRL looool I have a separate post for Siqui sunsets so wait for that!

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