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Thursday, October 20, 2016

When it comes to shopping I'm not a branded bags kind of girl. I'm not into labels. Outlet store shopping in Italy is something people go crazy for because of Samsonite, Prada, Cavalli and the like.  I am not one of them.

Having stated all that, why did I still go? I had several options but I decided on Barberino because of one thing - Ralph Lauren. It wasn't even for me but for my Dad! He is such a Polo loyalist that he refused to wear other brands until a few years ago. In fairness to my Dad, his RL items lasted him for years! That IS quality.

Before I bombard you with Ralph Lauren photos and potentially lose you if you're not a fan, here are other reasons to visit Barberino.

A few of the stores
I’m not familiar with Pinko but loved a lot of their pieces
They have free wifi in public spaces! Lucky for my family because I would enter a store, take photos, go out of the store, and send it to them over Messenger. I looked like a crazy person because they would ask a question so I would take a photo, go out to send the photo and go back in.
This is the one store I also shopped a lot in.
Lindt lip balm is REAL YO.
The Lindt store even has drinks! Ermahgerd.
€2.50 for a cup, worth it!
Just SOME of the bars I bought as pasalubong. I really bought A LOT.
The Polo store of course! Shirts start at €30 (that’s just P1,800). Check out those colors. If you’re a Polo fan, with these prices I urge you to hoard. 


How to get there:
Barberino is 30 minutes away from Florence. They have a shuttle bus with specific times departing Florence and Barberino. You may check out the schedule here. A round trip ticket is €13. Pick up point in Florence is at Piazza della Stazione.


The Lindt and Polo hauls made the trip to Barberino worth it. Can’t believe I resisted temptation and did not buy for myself. Self high five! When I visited the Nike Factory Store wasn’t there yet. If it were, it would have been bad for my wallet.

Barberino Designer Outlet Florence
Via Meucci SNC, Barberino di Mugello, Florence, Italy 50031
+39 055 842161

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