Leather shopping at San Lorenzo Market in Florence

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I'm a silly little lass. I didn't do much research on shopping for Italy because I didn't want to get tempted and spend a lot. My AirBnb flatmate was the one who showed me the leather items she hoarded in Florence and I was convinced - I needed to drop by the San Lorenzo Market as well.

The amazing thing about the San Lorenzo Market is it is in the city center and near most of the sites. 

From my flat I would pass by the stunning Piazza della Repubblica to head to the market.
It's a relatively small market so you won't get overwhelmed with the options like Chatuchak or our own Greenhills. There are several pieces you can scout from different stalls; it is up to you to find the best bargain.

I was on the hunt for a satchel bag or wallet for my Dad and a wallet for my sister thus the myriad of options. They eventually decided not to get anything.
A friend went to Italy a few years prior and got me these as pasalubong. I swore to hunt for these on my trip and hoard for me.

From the 3 Italian cities I visited, the San Lorenzo Market had the best selection and prices of leather goods. One thing I should have equipped myself with was how to spot real leather! That is one skill I have to master for the next Italian trip.

San Lorenzo Market
Piazza di San Lorenzo, Florence, Italy 50123

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