Is 12/10 worth all the hype?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

You enter 12/10 and the fully stocked bar welcomes you. You will immediately notice it is dark and small with a very millenial vibe.  Am I in the right place? Good Lord, am I too old for this?

One is never too young or too old for good food. As you sit down and get over the millenial vibe, you may struggle with reading the menu in the dim restaurant. Much has been said about 12/10. Should you believe it all?

It is vital to know that their portions are tiny and come in twos. If you taper your expectations going in then you will be fine. Are you ready to meet our dishes for the night?

Mackarel, almond, tiger’s milk, avocado (P230)

Uni toast, chicken liver, pineapple, shiso (P240)

Chicken wing, tamarind, shichimi, lime (P250)

Katsu sando, wagyu, pig, cabbage, bao (P260)

Salmon kushiyaki, truffle oil, curry, cereal (P290)

I’ve accepted in the past few years that I am not a foodie – I am in fact a picky eater. I may not eat certain dishes or ingredients but I do eat A LOT of things I love. What I love about eating with my #XYFoodies crew, their palette is diverse. I get to try dishes that I won’t normally order because they share food. 12/10 offers an assortment of dishes that you may not have encountered before. The dishes are original and creative, a wonderful play of textures and flavors.  Everything we tried was fantastic but the Uni Toast and the Katsu Sando were my favorites. I don’t normally eat uni and liver which is why that dish was such a pleasant surprise to me.

It may feel a bit intimidating when you enter but the servers, who are much sossier than me, are not pretentious. They know their menu faithfully and will recommend dishes and drinks according to your mood and preference. The restaurant is rather small so when the place is full, it can get noisy. They are also known for their drinks but I loved their food more.

Here’s one my fave snaps of the night from my friend Camille with this caption:
“Here’s to alcohol, the cause of, and [not a] solution to, all life’s problems.”


I will say it - just like Le Jardin, 12/10 is not for everyone. Others look at the portions and the prices and think it’s overrated. If you have an adventurous palette, an appreciation for amazing food, and up for trying new things, this is the place for you. 12/10 is a playground for your taste buds. I cannot wait to bring more friends here.

P.S. I know the food photos aren't amazing but the food was! 

7635 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati

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