I’m shoe in love with Posh Pocket Shoes

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Remember my quest for comfortable flats? I tried different foldable shoes from Gap and SM. That quest led me to conclude that comfortable foldable flats don’t exist and I turned my efforts to finding comfortable flats instead. My favorite but pricey tried and tested comfy flats are still my Anthology ballet flats and my Toms. However they don’t fair well during the rain. Now that I’m back to regular work, I commute every day and I need shoes that are okay to get wet.

I have amazing news! I’ve found another brand to add to the list, which is comfortable and foldable. Posh Pocket Shoes appeared here in the past. I was not entirely satisfied with the first pair I bought. Posh Pocket Shoes came out with new styles with double padding insoles and that changed everything.

To recap, here are the qualities I looked for in the perfect pair of foldable shoes:
1. Pretty
2. Have good soles, if it’s thin and I can feel the pavement on my feet that’s not good.
3. Comfortable – I can wear you for hours.
4. Value for Money.

How do the new soles fair with my criteria?
1. Pretty

The Posh Basics were reintroduced with the double padded insoles (the blue one). I only bought one pair to give it a chance to redeem itself. After it’s success, Posh released more styles with the new insoles.

They all look pretty to me: Blue Floral Belgian Loafers, Blue Posh Basics and Red Prima.

2. Have good soles, if it’s thin and I can feel the pavement on my feet that’s not good.

Thanks to Posh’s double padding; you don’t feel the pavement at all. You feel the extra support that they offer. I’ve been using my Blue Basics a lot at work.

3. Comfortable – I can wear you for hours. 

Yes these double padded insoles are comfortable but for a good 8-10 hours. I would have to be honest and say my Anthology and Toms are still my comfiest pair lasting me the whole day. It may seem unfair to compare but for Posh’s price point and styles, I will keep on buying.

4. Value for Money. 

The Posh Basics and Prima are priced at P995 while the Belgian Loafer is P1295. In terms of price, I think it’s good. It’s half the price of my Anthology flats and Toms shoes. I bought the red and blue pairs for the rainy season. I don’t have to worry about my feet getting wet or ruining my shoe. The Belgian Loafer is just a want. It’s made of fabric so I don’t want to use it when it’s raining. It was too pretty to resist. Time will tell if this brand is durable. It’s another factor that would determine if it was a good bay.

At the moment, I am happy with Posh’s double padded insoles. After trying on a pair, I couldn’t go back to their regular soles anymore. I felt the difference. I think Posh is slowing migrating all their styles to these insoles and I am happy. I cant wait to see the other styles that will have these soles.

Oh a quick reminder. It is best to buy in person rather than online for your first few purchases. I have 4 pairs of Posh Pocket Shoes in 3 different sizes. I’m usually a 6 and that’s what I am with the Belgian Loafer. For the Prima I’m a 6.5 while I’m a 7 with the Pointy Basics and Posh Basics.

Posh Pocket Shoes
Select styles available in The Ramp Glorietta and Trinoma. 

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  1. Roomie! I've test driven the Yosi Samra cap toe ballet flats on our Vietnam trip and I think I found the foldable ballet flats for me. The leather is soft and is comfortably snug and the soles aren't thin at all that my feet dint hurt even after a whole day of a LOT of walking. I'm saving now my pair exclusively for traveling :)

    1. Nauna ko nakita IG post mo kesa sa comment na ito. Hahaha I haven't really tried one cos I dont want to know the price. Mag aabang akong sale....Haha


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