Anthology Sale at the Super Sale Bazaar 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

When Anthology announces they’re dropping prices, you listen and go. I’ve been lusting, really lusting over this Filipino brand for years. It was love at first try. I kid you not. I am not ashamed to share that though my love is strong, my wallet is weak. I’ve stopped myself from purchasing a pair because of the price tag. 

However when I saw their post about the massive drop in prices, I knew this was my chance to score a pair. Different styles were discounted up to 70% off. They were selling the St. Barts for P895 only. I was only able to go on the last day of the sale and I was hopeful. I needed to stay positive and psych myself that I would grab a pair. I was fearful that since it was the last day, they wouldn’t have a lot of items and I would walk away empty handed.

Gold Hudson P1295 (Originally P3995)
When it comes to wedges, the Hudson is the perfect wedge for me. I love the cross strap, height and ankle strap. It’s only flaw? The wedge is made of suede. Argh. That is the sole reason why I stayed away for so long. At P1295, I forgave that flaw and got myself a pair. Hello party shoes! Ooohhh so pretty and sparkly.

Gray Antwerp P1647.50 (Originally P3295)
Since Anthology is known for their insane comfort, I needed to score a pair of ballet flats that I can walk endlessly in. Initially, I wanted a pair of classic black flats but they didn’t have any in my size. I settled for these instead and my feet thanked me. Though the Antwerp is not made of leather, I still went for it because of its comfort. 

Honorable Mention. I kinda hate Anthology too. Haha I really wanted the Osaka and Carnaby in Black but their size 6 (my size) was too big for me and this was the smallest size already. The Osaka was originally P4295 and went for 50% off I think (I’m not too sure about this) while the Carnaby was originally P2995 and went down to P995. Gaaaahhhh!!! I had to let go of that want, the fact that Anthology’s pointed shoes aren’t as comfortable as their round toe shoes made the pain go away a little.

A tip for future Anthology shopping - try them before buying. They don’t have standard sizing for their shoes. Your size will depend on the STYLE and MATERIAL. Some round toe flats were tighter than others.

I walked away with 2 pairs from a brand I truly waited for. Thank you Anthology Shoes! I look forward to buying more pairs from you WHEN you go on sale. Yay. Retail therapy much.

* Additional photos from Anthology Shoes.

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