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Thursday, June 30, 2011

* I have to apologize; most of these photos were taken with a camera phone and a very excited person thus the shaky photos.

My last post about foldable shoes was my review of Gap’s City Flats. Please read that post before continuing with this post because the comments section also talk about other foldable shoes c/o my fellow shoe lovers and ENABLERS.

The perfect foldable shoes for me would:
1. Pretty
2. Have good soles, if it’s thin and I can feel the pavement on my feet that’s not good.
3. Comfortable – I can wear you for hours.
4. Value for Money.

It took them some time but retail gods SM have finally come up with foldable shoes! I couldn’t contain my excitement! I immediately texted my fellow shoe lovers even before I tried them! Parisian Foldable Flats are all elasticized and come in 2 materials: cloth and faux leather.

The cloth flats only come in one style but in 6 colors: black, blue, pink, beige, gray and purple. (P699.75 approximately $15.90).

The faux leather flats come in 2 styles, the plain ballet flats (P499.75 approximately $11.36) and the rosette flats (P699.75 approximately $15.90). The plain ballet flats are only available in purple and black while the rosette flats come in black, pink, orange and cream.

How do the Parisian Foldable Flats fair with my criteria?

1. Pretty

Since these flats come in several styles and colors, you’ll surely find something for your personality. They didn’t scream gorgeous to me but cute was good enough. I liked the rosette flats in black but didn’t like it in other colors since it has a white piping around the rosette. I almost bought the plain ballet flats for simplicity but my sister voted for the rosette flats to give it more pop. When I went home, my parents told me to get the plain one as well since they think it would be perfect for my travels.

The pouch is made of thin material only. The Gap City Flats had a better pouch. I also wish the pouch was smaller to help in compression.

2. Have good soles, if it’s thin and I can feel the pavement on my feet that’s not good.
Unlike the Gap City Flats, these have one solid sole. It really looks and feels like a normal pair of flats that just happen to be flexible however The Gap City Flats were more flexible.

3. Comfortable – I can wear you for hours.
After using it for a day, my toes and heels felt fine like The Gap City Flats. Unlike The Gap City Flats, my ankles did not have any problems. So yay for the good news!

Unfortunately there is STILL some bad news. Blame it on the elasticized back which pinched my feet again. Can I forgive this flaw? Honestly yes. It’s one flaw that can be fixed by putting a band aid or something on my feet. Can you fix thin soles? No. Can you fix hurt ankles? No. Pinched feet, yes!

One other thing that I didn’t like was how the flats were folded; you needed to tuck the heel in the shoe. After using it, there’s no way I’m doing that! It would make the insoles of my flats filthy.

4. Value for Money.
Yes, yes and yes! Compared to the Gap City Flats, these are comfier and cheaper.

This is one of my fave finds for the month. The world is conspiring to make me happy! Thank you powers that be! However, I think I need to try these again for a couple of trips to really determine if the Parisian Foldable Flats IS the answer to my prayers. Will it stand the test of time? Grab yourself a pair of Parisian Foldable Flats before they run out.

Dear SM,

Please please come up with more styles of the Parisian Foldable Flats! Please pick ones that are not elasticized too. We will be eternally grateful!


Women and girls around the world

* Parisian Foldable Flats are in SM Department Store.

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  1. gustong gusto ko talaga yang mga ganyang shoes. but pity me, super laki ng paa ko.

  2. Wagi! Parang I likey the beige one! Ops ops ops, bawal nga pala ako mag shoe-shop. Sana meron pa nito sa Sept. Hahaha

  3. Hi CA! In fairness, wide ang size range ng SM. I was able to see some na abot ng 40 at 41! =)

    Hi Gf! Nakooowwww.......basta may band aid sa likod, pwede sya! Ikaw nakashopping ban, si Mitor - HINDI! Mwahahahahaha =p Or sana sa Sept, mas marami pang ibang styles. Haha

  4. Ohhh pretty! SM shoes(seses) has served me well on my previous lakwatsas and even if they're cheap, it did not fell apart on me, tipong harabas mode na yon.

  5. emgee! may nakita ka na nyan sa davao?? bibili na yaaaan! =)

  6. Looks like a great find! I don't get to wear a lot of flats since they make me look pudgier than I already am. Hehehe! =D

  7. Hi Average Jane! Thanks for passing by! =) I think the flats are also good for commuters - heels in the office and flats while commuting. Hehe

  8. Hello! I discovered your blog through MFO. I'm addict for flats, so I clicked the link you provided in the comments section.

    I am obsessed with foldable flats because I am a commuter too. I own a pair of this din pala. It was love at first sight. ;-) So I immediately purchased it. I wanted to purchase all the designs nga, kaso baka overkill na hehehehe

    You have a nice blog. I hope we could get to know each other better :) Have a great weekend.

  9. Hi Diane! Thanks for stopping by! Natuwa naman ako!

    How do you find the Parisian foldable flats? Hindi pa rin sya perfect for me...The garter makes it a bit painful to wear in the long run. I'm sorta at peace with the fact that perhaps there arent comfy foldable shoes but there a lot of comfy flats.....

    How many foldable flats do you have??

  10. ooh, thanks! Didn't know SM had these. Ndi din kasi ako mahilig mag-mall. Haha! I will check these out! :)

    1. Hi Christine! Ako kasi nakatira malapit sa mall. Ahihihi I think meron pa rin sila hanggang ngayon. =) Happy shopping!


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