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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

After getting my new pair of flats, I woke up a sleeping dragon. My neglected feet have been aching for new friends. What does a girl do? She goes online window shopping of course! I’ve been drawn to flats since I’m still on my quest for more cozy (and hopefully) affordable shoes. These are the brands I’m looking at.

Casual Slip Ons
It’s no secret I am in love with Toms but not so much with their price. I wish I had the luxury to stock my closet with all the Toms designs I want (want, not need) but that’s not the case. So, if you show or tell me about a brand that can rival Toms’ comfort at lower prices, I’m all ears.

Flossy Shoes
Flossys come in different plain colors in bright and classic hues. I saw Kryz Uy wearing a pair and swearing by their comfort. At P999.75 a pair and easily available at Robinson’s Department Stores, I think this brand deserves a chance. This brand is originally from Spain so it sparks an idea in my head, what if I hold off on this idea first and wait until my birthday? What do you think Tin? (Haha Sorry, inside joke!)

Truth be told, I’ve wanted a red Toms to go on sale for the longest time.  

J & M by Soleil
I don’t know who J & M are but I do know they’re a local brand. Let’s call a spade a spade – they copied the Toms design. Toms loyalists will stone me for including the brand but I’m a practical person too. At P1450, J & M flats should be as comfy as the Toms or else I don’t see the point in buying them.

Why lookie here, they have a pair of red ones too.

Depends on your fashion language, you will either call this color blocking or two toned, whatever. Haha I like this design as well.

Ballet Flats and More
My comfiest pair of ballet flats has died a long time ago. My black ones from Payless are my go to ballet flats. I would like to inject more color in this department since I get to wear ballet flats with leggings, pants and shorts.

Posh Pocket Shoes

Remember my obsession with foldable flats? Whilst looking for more, I came across this brand. My friend Julia swears by them. I’ve tried them on once or twice at the Ramp but was never persuaded enough to purchase one. I don’t know why but there was some hesitation on my part.

Posh Brides (P1,099)
I think the Posh Bride line might be the push I need. Since I’m white, it's hard to find nude sandals and heels in my shade. Champagne or blush tones are sometimes close enough (but still not matching) to pass as nude for me. The Posh Bride line has a pair of nude flats that might just match me. Yes it’s another glittery pair. I like glittery shoes because they can transition from day to night. Plus, during weddings its occasion appropriate enough to change into when your wanna slip out of your heels. Some people might argue that P1099 is too steep just for ballet flats but if they’re that pretty and comfy they may be worth it. 

Pointy Bow (P900)
I like pointy shoes regardless if they’re in season or not. The Pointy Bow is a good break from all the roundness. I usually go for safe colors to be practical so my go to colors are black and blue. I consider red an honorary safe color. Haha 

Prima (P800)
You can’t go wrong with a basic style. If my black Payless flats bide me adieu, the Prima is a good candidate to take its place. The green ones are easy on the eyes too.

Satchi Shoes

They got me with their tagline: “Unbelievable SNEAKER-LIKE comfort!”. Weeeehhhh di nga??? As comfy as sneakers? You officially got me intrigued!

Coco Quilted Captoe (P850)
Again, another line that answers the call for basic ballet flats in terms of style and color options.  

Vivi Captoe (P850)
Another green pair! I think green is officially trying to edge out red in the honorary safe color category.

Izuki Spikes (P2000)
Spikes were all the rage last year and I heard they’re staying this year. With the promise of comfort coupled with bad ass-ness, I’m sold. Mwahahahaha Not exactly the practical choice but I’m smitten.

Again, all the shoes presented here are for preliminary research. Haha I haven’t tried any of them but I plan to in support of my quest. Have you tried any of the brands mentioned above? What are your thoughts?


* Additional photos from the respective brands and Kryz Uy.

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  1. I want those bad ass spiked ones, pero mahalia!

    I have new favorite cap toed ballet flats from payless - chic and comfy. Imma email you photos:)

    When you road test the Satchis, share the verdict:)

    1. I'm trying to behave...haven't bought anything yet! Mwahahaha Yes, will definitely let you know and will wait for your photos. Tayong 2 pa??? Enablers forever!!! =)


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