Did you go to the Toms Sample Sale (2012)?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a typical woman, I…LOVE…SHOES. I like ‘em flat, wedged, heeled up, colorful, comfortable and much more. My quest for excellent walking/traveling shoes has been chronicled extensively here in my blog (it rivals my quest for the ultimate camera bag). I was surprised to realize that I’ve never talked about Toms here. Those shoes are ridiculously comfortable (in dry weather) but come with a rather hefty price tag. I lasted a day of roaming through temples in Cambodia thanks to them. I was just thinking to myself last month, “Ok Rica. Comfort over anything else. Save up and get yourself another pair of Toms.” Fast forward to this week, I read about their sample sale. One word, attack! 

What to expect:
1. 40-60% off in all categories: Tiny, Youth, Women and Men.


2. Broken Sizes.
The selection wasn’t as extensive as what I hoped it to be. Instead of asking “Do you have (insert style name) in a size 6?”, the question to ask is “What models do you still have in a size 6?” This will diminish your options and will be massively good for your wallet. Haha

3. It’s the tail end of the sale.
Unfortunately, the sale begun last May 18 but the poster I saw online said it started last May 23 only. Many women came before me who, in the sales associate’s words, “Nag panic buying Mam, namakyaw.

4. Coldness.
I’m not referring to the staff, on the contrary they were accommodating, patient and kind. I had a lot of questions and the sales associate didn’t mind. He took several trips between me and the stockroom and was cool about it. The Nothing But H20 office is cold which is such a relief on a splintering hot day.

5. Paper and Plastic.
They accept cash and credit card payments.

Some Tips:

1. Manage your expectations.
I got a tad bratty because of the broken sizes; I didn’t have much to choose from. For the Classic style, there was only 1 design in my size and it was tight. I wanted to try another design to determine if it was a fluke but I couldn’t. The tight pair of Toms I was wearing was not only the last design in my size but it was also the last pair for that design. I decided to take a chance and go a half size up. Even in that size they only had 1 design which wasn’t my style. Sadness…I know that their shoes expand a bit but there was no way this pair would expand enough to be as comfy as the ones I have at home. 

2. Wear your Toms when you shop.
I knew I was a 6 but why was this particular size 6 Toms too small for me? Did I make I mistake? Was I really a 6.5? Haha I could have avoided the paranoia simply by wearing mine to the sale.

3. For women shoppers – you have an advantage.
Depending on your shoe size, you can dip your toes in both the Youth and Men styles. The Youth line’s biggest version can fit a Woman’s 8 while the Men line’s smallest version can fit a Woman’s 7. Whether you have small or large feet, you have choices.

4. For me, there is a considerable difference between the Youth and Women line.
I still had a fighting chance! The Youth line had 1 design in my size and it was blue. I try it on and it fits but lacks the signature arch support which was the reason why I lusted over Toms. That arch support help my feet feel pampered. Since I didn’t want to leave empty handed, I settled for the Youth line which also happened to be cheaper. I haven’t road tested them but I am hopeful; Toms has a reputation for comfortable footwear and I was yearning for consistency.


Such a long post for just a sale noh? What can I say, I do love Toms! Would I do it all over again? Hell yes! You have just today and tomorrow to try to grab yourself a pair of wonderfully comfy shoes. Can you please have this sale again??? Haha

Special thanks to the Cortezes for the company, photos and much more.

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  1. Those pink camos, pink leopard print and polka dotted ones from the youth line are adorbs! Somehow I'm glad I wasn't there coz just looking at those photos, I might have hoarded too. Wala akong EQ when it comes to sales bahahaha!

    But again, thank YOUUUUU for getting me the crocheted lime green, I love it already! Mentally editing the closet for outfit options to go with it:-)

    1. Naku roomie, we couldn't hoard - not much to hoard since since other people got first dibs. =p Pag sinamahan ka ba ni Kim pag sale, nastrestregnthen ang EQ mo?

      You are so welcome. =p I'm sure I'll see that pair in an excel outfit planning file in the future. Mwahahaha

  2. Gah! I wish I had gone. I really wanna get my toddler TOMS! :(

    Please join my Chocolate Fire giveaway:

    1. Hi Angeline, you still have until tomorrow to visit. =) Goooooo! I love Chocolate Fire! http://www.angkaladkarin.com/2010/10/chocolate-overload-at-chocolate-fire.html I joined already last week I think. Haha


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