Yahoo Links (July 28-Aug 3)

Monday, August 04, 2014

Hola! I seem to gravitate towards videos. Here are the links of the week.

Celebrity Awards
I completely forgot to add this to my first ever Yahoo Links entry, how embarrassing. We’ve been busier than usual the past months because of the Yahoo Celebrity Awards. It was one heck of a show and you can watch it only in parts.
2 words = Zac and abs
I like Zac Efron for different reasons so here’s a video. Enjoy! Mwahahahahaha
Easy nail art tutorials
If you want to stand out, these 2 nail art tutorials are easy to do and awesome to boot.

Make your legs look longer!
You can look taller even while wearing flats. The secret is matching your shoe with your bottom. This video is an eye opener for me and I hope you’ll learn a lot like I did.
Cinemalaya X
The festival is turning 10 this year! This is the festival to go to if you’d like to see quality Filipino films. A lot of them are internationally acclaimed so do yourself a favor and watch.  

* All photos from Yahoo PH.

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