Meal Prep April 2014 Edition

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

After my relatively successful first attempt at meal preparation, I tried it again. Round 2! For my first attempt, I made 5 meals. For my sophomore attempt, I did an ambitious 10 meals good for a week. I spent 2 6 hour days in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, I was exhausted. It’s embarrassing how tired I got considering the dishes I prepared weren’t difficult. I think what got me was the volume, I made extra for my parents as well. Chopping is one task that’s also time-consuming and a skill I haven’t mastered. What dishes did I prepare?

Day 1
Chicken Oregano with Potato and Asparagus
Tuna with Olives and Lemon Salad

I got the Chicken recipe from Uchy Sudhanto whom I follow on Instagram. Like my Chicken Fillet with Baked Asparagus using Tzajiki Spices, the oregano didn’t stick to the chicken. Any tips for making the dry spices stick to the chicken to make it flavorful? For the Chicken Fillet with Baked Asparagus using Tzajiki Spices, I rubbed the spices on the chicken and let it marinate overnight. For the Chicken Oregano, I followed Uchy’s instructions and sprinkled oregano while on the pan.

The salad isn’t in the group photo above. I only prepared it when I was about to eat it already but did I sauté the tuna beforehand. I first made this salad after my trip to Baguio where I bought a lot of lettuce and lemons.

Day 2

Citrus Cream Dory with Broccoli with Brown rice
Summer Pasta – Spaghetti, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, asparagus 

Remember the Citrus Salmon I made before? I was supposed to do that again but when I went to the grocery, the Cream Dory was on sale so I got that instead. It was my first time to cook this fish and I found out it was a delicate thing to cook. Haha Taste wise, it’s still as yummy as the salmon version, just trickier to cook.

There’s this restaurant/bar I’ve been meaning to try called Detalle in Ortigas Center. While looking for reviews about the place, I saw a blog post about simple dish that Detalle serves, the Summer Pasta. I haven’t tried the restaurant’s version but I tried to make my own.

I baked the tomatoes with tzajiki spices in our oven toaster first before tossing it in the big pot with all the pasta elements. The Summer Salad is similar but different to the Pasta Aglio Olio with Tuna and Broccoli I made in the past. The tomatoes gave a refreshing layer to the pasta. I want to try to make pasta with wheat noodles next time.

Day 3

Scrambled egg with Oregano, Nuggets with Cauliflower Rice
Tuna with Olives and Lemon Salad

My scrambled eggs looked horrible since it turned gray because of the oregano. It did taste good though. The baked nuggets and cauliflower rice make a repeat appearance in this batch of meal prep.

Day 4

Citrus Salmon with Broccoli with brown rice
Summer Pasta – Spaghetti, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, asparagus

Day 5

Chicken Oregano with Asparagus and Cauliflower Rice
Nuggets with Brown Rice and Broccoli

Day 4 and 5 are just repeat recipes. I try to make 5 dishes and replicate them to make my life easier. What did I learn? I actually gained more weight with this meal plan. Haha Will that stop me from cooking? No. What I do NEED are easier recipes so I can add to my roster of dishes.

Please please PLEASE leave a comment below if you have recipe suggestions and tips! I only like lettuce, broccoli, asparagus and the occasional cauliflower. Haha

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  1. You should try detalle soon! Great food, good drinks and awesome ambiance! ;)


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