Gary V's Arise Concert

Friday, May 16, 2014

Who doesn't love Mr. Pure Energy Gary V?!?!? I may not be his biggest fan or well versed in his discography but I admire and his respect him as an artist and more importantly, as a person. The night the concert, Paola invited me to join her and Hanna for the concert the next day. I had financial concerns but something great happened that day work wise and I grabbed the opportunity,

We put on our dancing shoes, readied our vocal cords and headed to the Araneta!

I saw Gary V's interview on the Buzz the week before and he said NOT to miss his opening number since it set the tone of his concert. The concert opened in such a unique and eye catching way! It featured Iya Villana-Arellano dancing in the air and men with lit costumes. It’s hard to explain, try to google a video of the intro, it was incredible!
It was a night filled with TBT entries as Gary V shared photos and videos of his eminent 30 year career.
He went to the audience several times and people kept asking for photos with him. As always, Gary V made time to talk to the audience.
The lights were amazing. It must be said they were made for video. The concert was shown on Sky Cable as a pay per view event. The light set up looked much better on the video wall than in person.

Gary performing with Gab, this was the tail end of the performance. The beginning was far more spectacular, believe me!
The April 11 concert guests were Iya Villana-Arellano, Rico Blanco and Sarah Geronimo.
As part of the younger demographic who attended, I loooooved the ending! Gary V collaborated with a dj to mix his tunes ala David Guetta complete with lights and all. It was bloody brilliant! It is another example of what an immense talent he is.

Hataw Na done in a very EDM way.

As we shouted encore, Gary V came back to sing some of his most emotional ballads.

He ended the concert this way, ganda lang - it was so apt and perfect.
His children were all involved in his concert. Kiana and Gab performed while Paolo directed. It was nice to see the influence of his children in the concert like Gab’s superselfie number with Gary V. I loved seeing how Gary V used elements that are current and adapting them to fit his style – it wasn’t trying hard at all.

If ever he does a repeat of the concert, you really should watch. It’s one of the concerts that you shouldn’t miss. Thanks Han and Pao for the invite!

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