5 Photo Walks to Try in Metro Manila

Saturday, May 31, 2014


I’ve been doing my photo walks for 3 years already. It is something that pushed me to try something new every time and I am grateful for that. The tricky part, once I tick something off my list the next challenge is to find a new place to check out. Let’s face it, I have parameters! Haha A photo walk must be photo worthy and accessible. If it takes too much effort, I may not do it. Haha

In honor of going into my 4th year of photo walking, here’s my opportunity to share with you. If you’re like my cousin Paola who recently was introduced to my world of photo walks and crave for more, then this list will come in handy.

Quezon City – UP
Photo Walk Date – April 2012

I’ve been to UP numerous times for different reasons. The campus offers life – you see so many people whether they are students, families, solo explorers or group of friends. I may not have OMG amazing photos from this walk but I love the simplicity that I was able to depict. It was fun to capture a bit of quirk too. UP is also a place where you are sure to eat well. I will have a plate of Rodics tapa any day!

Marikina – Isabelo Restaurant
Photo Walk Date – November 2012

I have a thing for destination restaurants that serve luscious food with a cozy ambiance to boot. Isabelo Restaurant has that and adorable spots to photograph and be photographed in. Isabelo initially offered dinner in a romantic space. When they opened Rustic Mornings, it gave me a reason to wake up earlier for brunch. With the sun shining, the restaurant exudes a jolly charm.

Fort – The Mind Museum
Photo Walk Date – June 2013

Be mindful of time and operating hours because the museum closed on us! Haha It is a different thrill to visit the Mind Museum as a kid or even as an adult. I’m not a science geek and it was wonderful to see things I learned in school decades ago in practical application.

Manila – The Post Office and The National Museum
Photo Walk Date – August 2011 

Marry my love for architecture and art and you know why this photo walk was conceived. I have a romantic notion of Post Offices because of Ho Chi Minh and if I remember, I try to send a postcard when I’m abroad. My fascination with the Manila Post Office stems from the movie “Ikaw Lamang Hanggang Ngayon” starring Richard Gomez and Regine Velasquez. I remember watching the film, liking it and falling in love with the Post Office. It opened my eyes to the work of Yam Laranas, who is now one of my favorite Filipino directors.

Manila – Intramuros
Photo Walk Date – May 2013

I have more Manila entries but for this post, I’m limiting it to 2. There is a reason why Intramuros is a tourist spot. Just because it’s a cliché area to tour, it doesn’t mean you should avoid it. You should embrace it and familiarize yourself with your capital. I had a field day shooting, reminding myself of our history, and trying something new – the Segway. Make sure to catch Manila’s famous sunset while in the area, it truly is breath taking. Have a meal at a “Manila only establishment” like the Bayleaf Hotel which I highly recommend.

I have loads more of photo walks you can check out! If you have suggestions of places for me to visit, hit the comment section below! I’d love to hear about it.

Past Photo Walks:


2014 so far:
January - El Nido
February - Rome
March - Frankfurt
April - Gary V.'s Arise Concert

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  1. i love your blog! keeps me updated with all the fun stuff and places i should go when i visit again :) thanks!

    1. Hi Marc =) Thanks! I'm glad when readers find the same joy in the things I post. If you have any suggestions for me to check out, let me know.


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