Generous and Excellent Mexican Food at Silantro Kapitolyo

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

There are a variety of restaurants in Kapitolyo that I haven’t tried yet, Silantro was one of them. I enjoy Mexican food even though I don’t have palette for awfully spicy food so when I do go Mex, I go mild.

Tin and I visited Silantro on a week night and it was packed. As we passed by Silantro, we asked the security guard if there were seats. He politely said it was wait list already but mentioned the line was short. He guided us as we parked a block away. As soon as we were parked, he rushed back to the restaurant to make sure our name was on the list. Thank you Kuya for being accommodating!

We were second on the waiting list but thankfully, turnover rate is fast. We waited approximately 10 minutes before we got our table.
Margarita (P120)
Mojito (P90)
With booze prices like this, I was more than ready to drink a lot. Unfortunately I didn’t love the Margarita and Mojito we ordered. The flavors of their cocktails didn’t mix well, the alcohol over powered the whole drink. I don’t know what brands they used for both cocktails but it didn’t sit right. 
Beef Nachos (P180)
This is a gorgeous plate of gooey and crunchy goodness I would go back for again and again.
Lucha Tacos – Medio (P95)
Seriously, P95 for this much tacos? Pancake House’s tacos are more expensive! I loved how fresh all the ingredients were and that it was overflowing with lettuce. 
Silantro’s Burrito (P180)
Burrito lovers would approve of Silantro’s own creation. It is a yummy mix of all the traditional burrito elements which delivers a knockout punch of goodness.

When the waited plopped down our food, we were surprised – we didn’t expect their servings to be this generous. Tin and I both went home with half of our orders. We should have ordered just two items. Everything we ordered was superb and exploding with flavor. We loved the food we ordered.

Silantro’s interiors are very simple but the food makes up for it. You get your money’s worth here. If only they could improve on their cocktails, it would make Silantro perfect in my eyes.

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina
75 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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