How to Snag Great Philippine Travel Deals

Friday, October 18, 2013

Everyone wants to travel but not everyone can afford it. This generation is deemed lucky since the advent of budget airlines has created cheap travel deals. If you’re the type who would like to save as much as you travel, this is the article for you! These days, traveling need not cost an arm and a leg; you just need the tools to enable you to travel on a budget.

Plan and book in advanced. 
Numerous airline promo fares happen year round.  The catch? These fares are usually for months in advanced. Take advantage of these promos and snag tickets for your weekend vacation package. Book tickets to Cagayan de Oro then worry about the tours and accommodations after you secure your tickets. 80% of my trips have been done using this method.

Subscribe to different newsletters and deal sites. 

How do you know when the airline is having a promo? When do they post promo packages? Be the first one to be in the know when you subscribe to the company’s newsletter. These companies usually send an email blast to their newsletter group days before the promo will start. This will enable you to round up your friends to narrow down the dates and place you want for your trip. When the promo starts, be one of the first people to avail of the deals. My trips to Bellarocca, Las Casas and Misibis have all been thanks to Deal Grocer.

Join their Facebook Page. 

Who isn’t on Facebook? Practically everyone has an account. Besides newsletter, almost all of the companies nowadays have a Facebook Page. Brands usually post the latest happenings in their company on page. Whether it’s a new price, news about the company or a promotion that the company will be offering soon, they’re all on their Facebook Page. Facebook also has the share button so whatever you read or see can easily be shared by you and posted on your profile as well.

Pick an unpopular destination.
Popular tourist spots also mean tourist prices = more expensive. If you’d like to get a great travel deal and not spend too much, visit a place that is drool worthy but not as popular as the usual destinations. Try visiting Sablayan in Occidental Mindoro and visit a Unesco World Heritage Site – Apo Reef.

Go on vacation during off peak seasons.
Boracay is absolutely beautiful but gets ridiculously crowded during summer. If you’d like to have a slice of heaven without being elbow to elbow with other people, visit the popular beach during the off peak season. Avail of one of those island vacation packages because not only is it less crowded, off peak prices are also lower during this time.

What other tips do you have up your sleeve?

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