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Thursday, December 16, 2010

I posted about CashCashPinoy and hinted about the first groupun site I joined which was Deal Grocer. Before the official launch, I heard about the site already. Was only directed to it over the weekend when Tin told me about the Bellarocca deal good for 4 people. I've wanted to go to Bellarocca but it wasn't in my top 10 list. However, with a deal as good as this, how could I refuse?

Sunday night, Tin and I had this exhausting talk about scenarios and permutations of who the 4 people are (Will she go with her family? Will she go with friends?) and we ended up chatting til 6 AM. I was sure about getting the deal and at 6 AM I was paying for it already. Lo and behold, my credit card was denied. I call my bank and there's nothing wrong with my card. So at 6 AM, I leave a comment on the page of the deal. Fast forward to Monday at 12 NN before I had to go to GMA, I check the page and was informed to email Deal Grocer instead. I email them, hop on to work and leave.

Monday at 7 PM, I get home and check the Deal Grocer website – THE OFFER IS SOLD OUT. My heart sank. I checked my email immediately and saw Deal Grocer’s reply. Apparently, they could still accommodate me if I made a bank deposit before 3 PM. Obviously I couldn’t since it had passed already. With a lot of hope, I replied back asking if the offer was still on the table…..They reply back….It was! Hay Thank You Lord! This was my first coupon ever and I love it! Now all we need to do is reserve with the resort. Haha

Kim and Mj, sorry I couldn’t text you about it cos the slots were limited and wasn’t able to book yet. I was planning to text you about it immediately after I got the booking. They still have a package for 2 people though. =) I hope you still love me! Hehe

They have other deals still up for grabs so when you see one, grab it immediately!

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