Revealed: The best time to go to Boracay

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I’ve been to the island several times in the past for work and vacation. I’ve gone during the months of January, February, March, April, May and October. Finally after 10 million trips, I therefore conclude that the best time to go is.....

.....during January and February!

Boracay has topped a lot of “Best of” lists and one of the most popular beaches among locals and foreigners. It has amassed a bipolar reputation – either you fall in love with it or hate it terribly. The island has been plagued with a lot of problems which I am not a fan of. Boracay has not addressed the over development and drainage problems. Buildings are sprouting left and right and Boracay looks like a mall with all these city establishments plastered along the shore line. There are tourists who treat the island like a trash can at times. This is the part of Boracay I detest.

My last visit to the island however reignited my love for it simply because of one thing – its beauty. I visited just last January and it was sublime. The weather was beautiful, crowds weren’t as thick as you’d expect and the blindingly white sand wasn’t inundated with moss (lumot). I didn’t have to schedule a lot of activities because I was happy simply being on the beach lounging, swimming and relaxing.

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Where to stay:
Sur Beach Resort
It’s location in expensive station 1 is perfect but without the price tag of the 5 star hotels.

Discovery Suites
It’s a splurge that is definitely worth it. We felt pampered during our entire stay and the location is superb. 

Other options

Where to eat:
Jonas Shakes
A trip to the island is incomplete without a bottle of this. I love the Banana Peanut Butter and Chocolate Shake. You can have this as is or with alcohol.

Two Seasons Boracay
Try their pizza!

Truefood Indian Cuisine
This is one of the first places that made me love Indian food and I make sure to have a meal here every time.

Real Coffee
A Boracay staple that is a definite must visit. They serve fantastic breakfast and of course the famous calamansi muffins. Have some chocolate as well when you dine here. Oh, they are no longer in their original spot. They’ve moved closer to D’Mall.

What to do:
NOTHING (This is my pick!)
Puka Beach


If you can get past the problems pestering Boracay, pick a month that won’t attract hoards of people, and go there simply to do what it was meant to be – enjoying its beauty, you may love it as much as I do.

Thank you Boracay for the wonderful weekend! I loved every snippet of my time and went home inspired and energized because of your loveliness.   

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