Move over other sunblocks, VMV Armada Sport 70 is THE BEST

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Let’s recap. If you’re new to the blog I should let you know that I have sensitive skin and burn ferociously easily. I am a beach baby so I find myself under the sun’s burning rays a lot. I’ve reviewed a few brands in the past and that list is gone.

This 2016 I discovered that there is only one brand for me – VMV’s Armada Sport 70 (buy here). In my previous review, there were 6 factors I looked for:
1. High SPF
2. Protection and effectiveness
3. Does not leave a white film
4. Smell
5. “Hiyang” Factor or the product’s compatibility with my skin
6. Price

I take sun protection seriously because as you’ve seen, I’ve been burnt! Let me break things down for you, this is how the Armada Sport 70 fairs:
1. High SPF: 70, check!
2. Protection and effectiveness: Yes
3. Does not leave a white film: Success
4. Smell: None
5. “Hiyang” Factor or the product’s compatibility with my skin: Achieve
6. Price: Expensive at P2,440

I thought Neutrogena was pricey but VMV takes the cake. Do you know how EFFECTIVE the Armada Sport 70 is? The first time I tried it in Boracay, I didn’t get pink. I walked from Station 1 to 2 during lunch, spent 3-6 PM baking under the sun in Puka Beach but didn’t get burnt.

The experience that gave VMV the crown was my Bohol trip. I didn’t have any checked in luggage so I only had the tiny tube of Armada. I brought that and a small tube of Neutrogena with me. I used both of them but on different body parts. I got painfully burnt with the parts that used Neutrogena. All the parts that used Armada Sport were FINE.

Another thing, I’m used to multiple sunblock applications in the past. With the Armada Sport I can apply once or twice the WHOLE DAY and be completely fine. Not a smidge of red or pink at all. As compared to my past life when I would apply every 2-4 hours depending on how long I was under the sun.

The Armada Sport 70 may be a tad stickier than Neutrogena’s Dry Touch Technology but I would take enduring a bit of stickiness any day over getting burnt. Oh and a billion plus points cos they’re a Filipino company.

If your skin isn't as sensitive as mine, I think Neutrogena or Hawaiian Tropic (from my previous post) is a good choice for you. However if you are like me, don't walk but RUN towards the nearest VMV store and get a tube for yourself. It is worth it!

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