HOHOL in Bohol 2016

Monday, April 25, 2016

When I came to Bohol in 2008, it instantly became one of my favorite beaches. As I mentioned previously, if I had all the money in the world Bohol would be my weekend getaway pick after a stressful work week. After falling in love with this gem, I swore to be back for a few days of just enjoying the beach and doing nothing.

It finally happened! After 8 years, I fulfilled that dream. The weather was far from perfect and was bipolar. I had speckles of sun, episodes of rain, and constant presence of clouds. 

I had hours of rain, then a few hours of sun then rain again. I am grateful the sun still showed up and was able to experience the gorgeous Bohol that I know and love. The main reason why this trip happened was because I scored round trip tickets to Tagbilaran for P500 through one of Air Asia’s seat sales. This is the first time I was able to buy tickets this cheap for a local destination.

Technically I didn’t just do nothing. I still had to work but also used the trip to write and refuel for the blog – something I haven’t done in a long time. I decided to return to Dumaluan because I was familiar with the beach and wanted the quieter atmosphere it offered versus noisier Alona Beach. 

Standard Room
I didn’t want to spend much on the trip so I got Dumaluan’s cheapest room – the Standard Room. The room was spacious and basic. It didn’t have a TV or ref either. Wifi can get challenging from time to time.

I’ve never been to the noisier side of the island so I made it a point to go to Alona on this trip. The shore was a lot shorter and the crowd a lot thicker.  It was still beautiful of course.
Can’t get over how fine the sand is.
The water is insanely clear and cool. I enjoyed wading in the shallow water basking under the sun.
Not the perfect Bohol sunrise but I could feel the sun still wanting to show off despite the rain clouds. Sunsets are better seen from Alona Beach. I shall leave you with more photos of Bohol because I truly love the place. 

Additional tips:
1. Taxis from the airport to Dumaluan or Bohol Bee Farm will cost you P500-600. There are no metered taxis.
2. You can also take a trike from the airport to Dumaluan or Bohol Bee Farm for P250-300.
3. It is quite expensive to get around Bohol because most of the trips are chartered. From Dumaluan to Alona Beach which is 10-15 minute ride, a trike would cost P100 already.
4. I asked the resort receptionist for habal-habal rates from Dumaluan and Alona and was informed it was P20-30. The drivers were charging me P50-100. Geez! It’s not like I’m cheating them of their livelihood, I asked what the correct rate was and wanted to get that. I didn’t want to be overcharged.

Thank you Bohol for fulfilling a silly dream! I look forward to visiting you again. For some people, Bohol might be too "mainstream" but I don't care, it's beauty goes beyond that. Thinking of visiting the island? Here are some of the activities I enjoyed in the past. 

PS I wrote about Bohol Bee Farm’s Buzzz Cafe here

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