Vibrant and bold organizing with Hue Love Prints’ Weekly List Pads

Saturday, July 09, 2016

It’s not a secret I have a thing for paper and planners. I like them so much I designed a collection for Hue Love Prints. Have you seen them?

(Click photo to enlarge)
What I love about HLP’s weekly list pads is you can use them any time. You don’t need to wait for the beginning of the year to use it. I’ve gotten feedback from clients who use one pad for different things:
1. Personal schedule
2. Kids’ schedule
3. Meal planning
4. Travel planning

How else can you use it? The weekly list pads marry my love for color, paper and my OC nature wanting to write everything down. Each pad has 100 sheets making it good for almost 2 years! Want to get one for yourself? You can visit Hue Love Prints’ FB page to see the designs and order. 

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