Battle of the 2010 Planners Part One

Monday, December 14, 2009

I’m very particular about certain (sometimes a lot) of things and this applies to my choice of planner. I got the 2009 Go Nuts Planner this year because it was hardbound, had ample writing space and the size was adequate for my needs. Another year is fast approaching and my search for the 2010 planner proved to be less painful than I anticipated. What do I look for in a planner?

1. Size and weight.
I prefer anything that is near the Corona/Catleya sized notebook. It’s easy to handle and can fit in my bag. Also, it guarantees that it won’t weigh a ton.

2. Page View.
I need a weekly page view planner. I have to see my life in a week-to-week basis. If its monthly or daily, its over. We’re not a match.

3. Space.
I’m not a fan of columnar spaces; it’s too small to write down everything that needs to be done. The horizontal format works best for me.

4. Price.
Spending P500 on a planner? I don’t think so. I’m a practical girl at heart and would rather spend that on food. The most I’d be willing to part with is P300.

5. Look.
This is the least of my priorities but it still matters to me. The planner doesn’t have to be glossy or unique. Simple is fine by me.

Luckily after just 2 bookstore stops and 1 online google-athon (that’s considerably short for me), I found my simple and affordable planner for P180 at Fully Booked.

The layout of this is exactly like my Gonuts 2009 planner which I liked. The cover is a tad baduy (with with the obvious 2010 diary written) but it falls in the blue family so I settled for it.

Up Next, planners you’ll want to buy!

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