Finds from Landers Superstore you won't see in other groceries

Friday, July 08, 2016

You know you're such a Tita when grocery shopping excites you. In my defense, I've loved going to the grocery even before officially being a Tita. Do note, I have a 16 year old niece from a first cousin and a 30 year old nephew from a second cousin. I've been a Tita for a long time already, even before #TitasOfManila existed.

I digress from the point. When a new warehouse rivaling S&R opens, the Titas and Lolas get all excited. The opening of Landers was talked about in the different circles of my life. My Mom wanted to go so I happily tagged along.

It was very strategic to put a barber shop here. Slow clap.
Delimondo products
Ok the post title is misleading; you CAN see Delimondo products in other groceries. I was just happy to see that they also have home grown brands.

Local craft beer
Speaking of local products – they have a section dedicated to Pinoy craft beer. Yes you can also find these in other places but it’s pretty awesome that they pooled together Filipino brands in one section. I love that they’re giving small business a chance to play with more established brands.

Here are the only in Landers finds:

Rowan Trunk Table with Casters (P10,999.75)
If I had a house of my own I would love to put this in my home, gorgeous!
Pack of 2 Gibson Stemmed Mason Jars (P299.75)  

Select items from Jessica Alba’s The Honest Co. brand is available here.
Dry shampoo! It’s not that popular here in the Philippines yet and I saw several brands at Landers.
Mini version (or travel size version) of your fave essentials. They definitely don’t have this in S&R.
Vodka Sauce (P159.75)
Did someone just type vodka? YES.
Different kinds of sauces, dips, and dressing from President’s Choice.
Kelloggs Corn Flakes Crumbs (P159.75)
You can use your favorite cereal as breading much easily now.
I may not be a fan of Spam but they carry a whole bunch of flavors here!
Symphony Chocolate (P124.75)
Symphony is back! Did it ever leave? I’m not sure but I used to eat loads of this when I was younger.
Snickers Funsize Mixed Bag (P549.75)
If there’s one chocolate I TRULY love its Snickers. Who knew they had 3 flavors??? I sure didn’t so pardon my chocoholic freakout. The peanut butter one is PERFECT. Its like my 2 fave bars (Reese’s and Snickers) had a baby.
Hostess Chocolate Mini Donette (P219.75)
You get me at chocolate donut.
Four O’Clock Teas (P129.75 for a box of 16)
 I am a sucker for nice packaging. Couple that with interesting flavors and I get a box to test the brand out. During my visit these were the flavors available: Pink Lemonade, Black Forest Cupcak, Pineapple Coconut and Strawberry Daiquiri
Soyfresh Cookies and Cream (P79.75)
I like soy milk and have tried different flavors from Soy Fresh in the past. I’ve tried their chocolate and mocha but cookies and cream? Interesting!
Edit: Since posting this article I’ve been informed that this is available in other groceries. 
Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream (P349.75)
This is probably one of the most shared items from Landers. It is real ice cream with wine. How can you NOT love it? The pint sized brand has the following flavors: Chocolate Cabernet, Cherry Merlot, Peach White Zinfandel, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Strawberry Sparkling, and Riesling.  I liked the Chocolate Cabernet the most.


Landers Superstore is much larger than S&R Fort and Shaw but it is too far for the usual grocery run. Parking can be challenging as well especially since the place gets packed because it just opened. I would probably go back when I’m in the area or when I’m up for something new.

What did you like from Landers? I’d love to know!

Update (July 2016)
Thank you to those who commented on this post.
1. Membership fees:
   P800 - annual membership fee
   P400 - extension
   They also have rates for organizations and companies.
2. You can get P1.50 (on diesel) and P2 (gas) discounts at the Caltex gas station in front if you're a member.

Landers Superstore
1240 EDSA Balintawak, Quezon City (It’s right after Home Depot)

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  1. Hi! Is there a membership card required like in S&R?

    1. Hi Kaila :) Sorry I didn't include that in the post. Yes it is by membership like S&R. Just not too sure how much it is cos my Mom was the one who got a card.

    2. Hi Kaila :) I updated the post above for the membership fee.

  2. Hi,, is landers same as s&r that needs membership fee before going and have shopping..
    Thanks for this post

    1. Sorry was unable to include that in the post. There is a membership fee for Landers but wasn't able to catch how much it is.

    2. its 80o for otis manila Landers

  3. As for the membership fee and other concerns re: landers

    the premium annual fee is p800, the extension fee is p400. the business membership is open to businesses like sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives and non-profit organizations. a business membership may avail of 4 extension memberships. the annual fee is p1,000, the extension fee is p400 each.

  4. the premium annual fee is p800, the extension fee is p400. the business membership is open to businesses like sole proprietorships, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives and non-profit organizations. a business membership may avail of 4 extension memberships. the annual fee is p1,000, the extension fee is p400 each.

    1. Hey Ian, thanks for dropping by and giving the info! :)

  5. I used to buy a lot of President's choice when I was in Canada. I consume a lot of that chipotle sauce, i love it as a dipping sauce for almost everything! Glad to know they have a bunch there. Thanks for sharing, wouldnt have known :-)

    1. Omg Archie, thanks for the President's choice recommendations. Will hoard a bunch on my next visit :)

  6. Good to know they have mini versions yey! Too bad I live in the south :(

    1. Make it a field trip to the North! Then have lunch or dinner at one of the Northern areas like Sikatuna. :)

  7. They have a gas station where members get php1.50 (diesel) and php2.00 (gas) discount per liter!

  8. Are they going to open at south area?

    1. Hi Carla :) I think the second branch is slated for the Otis area in Manila.

  9. Spam (all the variants in the photo), Symphony and Snickers can be found in regular groceries. Hostess products are also available in S&R.

  10. Nice, but... just like S&R, there are a lot of things being sold which are not really essential (hence, the title of your blog). Our membership shopping is still a far cry from Costco or Sam's Club in the US.

    1. Hi Hannah! There are essentials being sold as well. I just chose to highlight other things. :)

  11. Low income households will not go there because of membership fee, me too i hate membership fee!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi do you know if s&r has four oclock teas?


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