Human Nature’s Humanity Fair 2013 – February Photo Walk

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Let’s start the month with another photo walk, this time it’s out of town!

I’ve been a massive supporter of Human Nature when ever since it came out. Ask any of my friends, they’ll affirm that statement. Having said that, Gawad Kalinga’s Enchanted Farm has also been a venue I’ve wanted to visit. Since the farm isn’t easily accessible by public transportation, a trip there never materialized.

When Human Nature announced this year’s Humanity Fair was to take place in the Enchanted Farm, I was hitting 2 birds with one stone. What is the Humanity Fair? (From Human Nature):

Celebrate the spirit of family and world-class Filipino craftsmanship at our HUMANITY FAIR 2013: Hearts of Passion on Saturday, February 2nd at the GK Enchanted Farm in Angat, Bulacan!

SHOP. Munch on healthy delectable at our Pick and Pay market for fresh produce! Browse through eye-catching booths featuring proudly Filipino-made crafts, hand-woven bags, and innovative accessories at the new Bamboo Palace Design Center! An extra special ONE-DAY ONLY treat awaits attendees, who will get to enjoy as much as a 25% discount on showcased social enterprise products!*

LEARN. Become inspired as you hear the stories behind our various social enterprises. Who knows? Their stories may just inspire you to start up your own business with a heart!

BOND. Bring your kids along for some fun! Watch their faces light up as they run around the fresh, clean countryside while you and your family bond over an exciting line-up of family activities.

For the event, the Human Nature team offered round trip transportation to the participants for a fee so my friends and I jumped on the chance. We arrived at the meeting place (Human Nature head office) on time. We left later than anticipated because of reasons I don’t want to share. The Enchanted Farm was a good 2-3 drive from Manila. We didn’t pass NLEX so I was oblivious to the route. We arrived at the farm late so we missed some of the activities already. 

I really wanted to check out the talks by Gawad Kalinga affiliate social entrepreneurs. I am a supporter of social entrepreneurship and was excited to meet people who are in the field. We were able to listen in on talks by Theo & Philo Chocolates and newbie Bayani Brew. 

The talks were very general and were spaced out throughout the farm. If the Human Nature/Gawad Kaling team would do the even again, I would suggest asking the speakers to bring a microphone. It was difficult to listen since some of the talks were in common areas. It would get noisy and there was music playing throughout the farm adding to the noise pollution. I hope this is something they can improve on since I was genuinely interested in what the speakers had to say.

We spent the longest time with the speaker of Bayani Brew. Thankfully, his talk was in an enclosed space. Berenice has been tinkering with tea for some time now and meeting someone from Bayani Brew really helped her out. We loved the purple version of the Bayani Brew and hope a partner merchant opens up in our hood.

Our lunch was prepared by the GK Enchanted Farm community. 

We explored the rest of the farm.

Houses of the people in the community.

Cute heart shaped pool. 

We fell in love with the rainbow playground. Don’t you just love the idea of using simple materials and making them awesome?

This group of kids was crossing the tire bridge. When the bigger kids started shaking the bridge, the poor little one started to cry.

The weather was fickle with spurts of rain then the scorching sun would come out. I was sweating it out with everyone but preferred the sun since it gave good photos.

Thank you for the experience Human Nature and GK!

* Additional photos from Human Nature.

GK Enchanted Farm
Angat, Bulacan

Human Nature Flagship Store
463 Commonwealth Ave., QC

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