13 Things to do at Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay – March Photo Walk

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our clan grew up regularly heading out of town with a gabagillion of us at a time. We would always spend Holy Week together with a 15 or so car convey. Our regular clan size is at least 50. We’re close that way.

Since we got older, busier, had families expand and no longer live a stone’s throw away from each other, we haven’t had clannish trips in ages. Last March, some of my Mom’s siblings and their families relieved the great old days with a weekend in Tagaytay. So what do you do for a weekend in Hotel Kimberly?

1. Stay in

There are 2 kinds of vacations for me: (1) one where you explore and take on an adventure and (2) one where you simply relax and recharge. For vacations when you want to do the 2nd one, Hotel Kimberly is a good spot for it. My parents enjoyed the chilly air-conditioning in the room and based on that alone, want to come back. The room fits 4 and even 5 people comfortably. 

Oh, did I mention we got our deluxe room that’s good for 4 people for P4500 only because of a coupon from Deal Grocer? The same deal is currently available again so grab the opportunity!

2. Gorge on their waffles

Their buffet spread was average and not really post worthy except for their waffles. It was fluffy, delicious and addicting!

3. Play table tennis

This sport has a soft spot in our hearts because for a few years, we had a table tennis table in our compound. We would spend competitive days with each other, doing “pektus” shots and aiming for the line.

4. Enjoy more indoor games

If table tennis isn’t your thing, Hotel Kimberly has a billiards table, fuzzball and an air hockey table for you.

5. Make your “Sound of Music” dreams come true and start rolling around

Ok this is not exactly the standard response but with the vast land around you, wouldn’t you want to try?

6. Feel like a kiddo

With the sun setting and pretty blue skies, we hit the playground. Guess who started running for the tire swings? The adults! Haha If we didn’t have the kids with us, we would be doing cartwheels!

7. Tear through the playground

For actual kids, the playground mixed with an obstacle course is something to look forward to.

8. Try to catch the sunrise

I love sunrises and sunsets even though I don’t get to catch them often. Granted, there is no view but seeing the sky in wonderful hues is enough reason to wake me up. Yes, I woke up early enough to catch this! 

I love how in the middle of the horizon there’s a hint of orange peeking.

9. Take awesome group photos
There are so many areas and looks in Hotel Kimberly that it’s perfect for awesome family photos. On our visit, there was girl having her debut photos shot here.

10. Cool off

Even though it was haaaawt, we never dipped our toes in the pool because of the lack of time. We spent so much time with the animals (my next reason) we weren’t able to swim! The water looked inviting and if we did have more time, I would have stayed here.

12. Visit animalandia! 

Ok, they call it the HK farm but I refer to it as animalandia. There are a few animals you can pet and learn about.

Some of my cousins didn’t want to go near them because they were worried the turkey would come at us. Eventually, the caretaker erased our fears and we were able to get close to them.

Parang New Zealand lang?? We saw the sheep roaming freely but the caretaker had to put them in because when they argue, they head butt. They look so cute but I didn’t enjoy feeding them. Haha They ate the pellets from my hand and they were rough and slobbered all over me.

13. My fave; meet somebunny! (gets????)

I smuggled some carrots slices from the buffet to feed the rabbits. Only to find out that the caretaker had food we could use if we wanted to feed them. We spent the most time here and I immensely enjoyed it. 

The rabbits (but I called them bunnies) were fluffy and adorable even when they ate, such a far cry from the sheep. Haha

Serious munching.

We met this baby bunny (cos I call cute rabbits bunnies!). This little one was inside away from the bunny pen since it was still small. The caretaker brought her out and she was like a hamster, tiny! 

This was my favorite bunny! She looks so poised while you feed her. I wanted to take her home! I was feeding her and another bunny would muscle its way in to get the food. I was playing favorites and I would put up my hand. Haha

Hotel Kimberly also had other promotions (dinner, music, drinking) during our stay but since we had dinner plans at Tootsie’s we weren’t able to try them out. 

Hotel Kimberly is very ideal for family vacations. The bunnies alone made me fall in love with the place. That’s just one out of the 13 reasons I gave! My parents are already asking me to make another booking there. More than the place, the trip was extra special because I spent time with the family.

* Additional photos from Rissa de Ramos-Cortez.


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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the place to blog it! Let us know any time when you and your family intend to visit. May I suggest booking early for our very popular Halloween or Christmas break? Usually fun-packed activities jammed in at minimal or no extra cost to our guests (we just want everyone to have a great time). Call 5211888 or email reservations@hotelkimberly.com.

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