You Were What I Wanted – One Republic in Manila 2013

Friday, November 08, 2013

I haven’t been posting about concerts happening in the country on the blog the past few months.  Are you surprised I’m talking about one now? This is my November Photo Walk for 2013.

As I mentioned previously, there are 3 bands that have made me cry: Urbandub, The Script and One Republic. Since Urbandub is a Filipino band, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch them on several occasions - you must catch them live. The Script visited Manila twice already and I honestly regret not watching them. On their first visit, I chose Cirque du Soleil over them. On their second visit, I waited for my friends to buy tickets. They eventually ended up bailing on me and when I was all set to watch alone – it was sold out. It is because of my painful (oo drama) experience with The Script that I vowed to watch One Republic live.

An unfortunate incident happened before the concert and it had nothing to do with the band so I will blog about that separately. Anyway, about the concert! Admittedly I am a bigger fan of Ryan Tedder (as a singer, songwriter, producer) than One Republic but I still love One Republic!

They played a few of their previous hits like “Stop and Stare”.
Since the tour was for their latest album “Native”, majority of the songs they played were from the album.
Confession, before the concert I listened to “Native” a few times without digesting and absorbing it like “Dreaming Out Loud”.  After the concert, I love “Native” tenfold! Watching the band live intensifies everything – my appreciation for the melody and the instruments, the meaning of the lyrics and their showmanship.
Like “Dreaming Out Loud”, there were several songs from “Native” that stung – lyrically brilliant. Try to listen with your ears and heart to “Burning Bridges” and “Something I Need”.
This was during the acoustic part of the concert.
Ryan Tedder is the falsetto king. Daym he hit those notes!

Here he is again looking silly while nailing “Good Life”.
One Republic’s encore was “Feel Again” and “If I Lose Myself” which were the perfect songs to end the concert on a high. The encore rendition of “If I Lose Myself” is NOT like the album!

My respect and admiration for Ryan Tedder grew exponentially after the concert. It was unbelievable to see the band on stage. They performed with passion dripping all over the stage. I wish I was a concert photographer because Ryan was awesome to photograph. He was very expressive with on stage while playing the piano, the guitar and he had so much energy coursing through his body.

This is my only concert experience this year and One Republic made it a concert to remember. I loooooooved it! I am still on a One Republic High! My heart is overflowing with love for them.

Btw, thanks to my concert buddy Berenice. The night would have turned differently if you weren’t with me.


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