Inspiried to Accept: Own your Age

Sunday, November 10, 2013

I’ve always been honest about my age because it has never been an issue for me. I turned 31 and I’m okay with it. I know a lot ageists out there or people who have issues with their number. The thing is, I love getting older because it also came hand in hand with maturing for me. I am more comfortable in my own skin now, despite the weight gain, and have a better grasp of the world – something that comes with age.

Funny, smart and beautiful Olivia Wilde spoke candidly about what you should and shouldn’t do in turning 30. We share a lot of the same sentiments and in her industry; age plays a huge factor in your staying power.  This is blunt and witty article that every woman should read. The article allows reminds you to be you, go for the things you want, don’t measure yourself to other peoples’ standard of success and to grow.

I knew there was something about Olivia Wilde I liked, she just made it easier to love her.

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