Lazy day Saturday at Legazpi Park

Monday, November 25, 2013

I like parks, wait let me rephrase that - I like clean parks and green open spaces. Owee and I used to have "wala lang" dates where we would go to UP or Ateneo with a mat and chill. I’ve had a couple of picnics with my other friends too.

Danix is a fan too. On a Saturday, we decided to do a photo walk in Makati and check out a park we've never been to - Legazpi Park. Our planned photo walk turned into a chillax afternoon with not much photos but relaxing.

Our companions for the afternoon - picnic mat, sweets from Chatime and salty snacks from Jamaican patty.
If I lived near the area, I think I would hang out here a lot. I loved the clean open space and could easily imagine myself using this as my work office for the afternoon when I need to get away. There was a lot of space to be enjoyed by everyone.
Kids were enjoying the playground.
A group of students were busy practicing for a presentation. 
There was even a foreigner practicing flair tending. I was too shy to take a photo.
If you visit on a Sunday, they have a morning market.
The park is divided into 2 portions, this area was more enclosed.
There are more benches here and a koi pond!
May nagliligawan pa, yihhheee!!! Hahaha
I spent most of the gloomy afternoon staring at the sky while catching up with Danix.
What a perfect lazy day! Don’t you just love simple moments like these?? It’s also wonderful that my friends share the same feeling and we love doing stuff like these together.

Some reminders:
- Don’t litter!!!! Its common sense but amazingly it’s not that common to some people. Littering is a major no-no for me.
- Respect other people's personal space.
- Bring mosquito repellent if you're like me that attracts them. I don’t like getting bites!

Wasn’t that a lovely and refreshing day? Now, onto the next park!

Legazpi Park
Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City

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