6 Things I love about Davao

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In 2008, without purposely wanting to, I gifted myself with the "B Birthday Blowout". Apparently, I went crazy and started booking one trip after the other. My birthday is in September but in 2008, I found myself in Bohol in September, DaBaw (Davao) in October and Bangkok in November.

Why did it take me this long to blog about Davao? On the 2nd night of our trip, my memory card was corrupted. I couldn't use it nor see the photos. Was the problem with my camera or the memory card? We stick in another memory card and my camera was functioning fine. I load the corrupted card in Owee's camera and it wasn't functioning. When we reached the hotel, I use Owee's card reader and plunge it in her laptop, and there was an error - it still couldn't be read. Sadness...Fast forward to being back in Manila and I bring the corrupted card to a specialist and they couldn't do anything about it.

I lost 2 days worth of photos...It was a good thing I was with a photographer so I still had a lot of photos perse to look at. Despite that hiccup, I will always have FABULOUS memories of my Davao trip! In fact, Davao is one of the places I'd consider living in next to Cebu and Bacolod.

1. Like Cebu, I love the "City + Beach Life rolled into one" Samal Island is a mere 15 minute boat ride from Davao City. How awesome is that? Take your pick from the numerous resorts available on the island.

If you want to hit other beaches, go on a road trip! Remember my Mati post? 

2. Jack’s Ridge
It’s like Antipolo in Metro Manila because of its elevation but it’s actually a complex with a view of Davao. It houses different establishments and OMG a pool! Haha We just went around, took photos and stupidly shared ghost stories...aaaahhhhkkkk!!!!! We all shared the same level of braveness and cowardice so we didn’t scare ourselves silly.

3. Matina Town Square

It’s a whole area that reminded me of Eastwood in Metro Manila. There were stores, restaurants and a bazaar. We ate at their open air food court and were lucky enough to catch a cultural show by the students of one of the schools in Davao. 

They were great! Even though at first people weren’t paying attention, performance level pa rin.

It looked like they really loved what they were doing. Nakakatuwa talaga =)

4. Bluegre Coffee
If I’m not mistaken Bluegre to Davao is what Bo's is to Cebu. The café had an assortment of delicious and tempting cakes which we gladly devoured. Their coffee can easily compete with international giant, Starbucks. My friends being durian fans had durian overload. I’m only a fan of durian ice cream and candy, anything else I don’t particularly like. Owee likes durian everything! Bluegre had durian COFFEE and cheesecake.  

Durian Coffee – first it tasted bitter then sweet then totally weird for me.

Durian Cheesecake – I really don’t love durian. Haha

5. White Water Rafting

This was a non-negotiable activity, doing this in Davao is an absolute must! You need at least 8 people to book a boat for rafting. Since it was just me and Owee, if other people would schedule a trip and we would complete the minimum, we could go rafting. We were informed the day before that a group of 8 was to go rafting BUT they didn’t want other people to join their boat. So we had to triyak. Owee was ready to bitch when we met the fabulous 8 and we were surprised to see that they weren’t Pinoy! Haha They were a group of Red Cross workers that were assigned in Zamboanga and other areas of Visayas and Mindano. It was pretty cool to meet them. =)

1st time I BELONG and Owee is OP (Out of Place)! Mwahahaha

It was easier for us to capsize given that our triyak was light compared to the real boat. Probably 30 minutes into the adventure, we experienced our first (and last) wipeout!  We all don’t remember how we fell.  Owee and I were underwater for 8-10 seconds. In fairness, I was steady. Heck I fell twice when we went tubing in Maitum, Sarangani. Surprisingly, I didn’t panic under water even though the current was strong. I got extremely pissed when I could feel the paddle slipping from my hands while under. I struggled at first to rise up and could feel the rocks underneath hitting me. I waited for the calm waters to raise me up which eventually happened. Baduy kung di ka mahulog! =) 

By the end of the journey I was getting competitive with the water! Haha I was shouting "ayokong mahulog!!" (I don’t want to fall in!!!) and was determined not to fall again. 

Rafting was one of the BEST experiences of my life and would do it again! Haha The rapids in Davao are classified until class 3. Ok na ako hanggang class 3 lang. (I’m good experiencing until class 3 rapids only.) Haha We actually did BROWN water rafting because it was the rainy season, the water is white during summer.

It was awesome that the rafting rate included photos and video! You know what else I got? A first degree burn! Mwahahaha So always slather on sunblock!

6. Kim and Mj

Back then, they were just Kim and Mj. Now, they are the Lakwatserang Bayong! They already know how much I love them and they’re definitely the top reason why I want to go to Davao! Save the best for last. =p

* Additional photos from Owee Salva and the Davao Wildwater Adventure Rafting Company.

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  1. Awwww, tama bang maging teary eyed ako? Mwahahaha baduy ko! You are so sweet Rikikay, we love you too! At mas madami kang alam sa Davao hahaha!

    Come baaaaacck!:-D

    1. Aaaaawww sa lagay na yan hindi ko pa binuhos ang love. Teehee We are a mutual loving society! =p Hindi ka baduy!!!! Hahaha Kayo ang kasama namin sa Davao nyan so galing rin sa inyo. Hehe

      I shall return...remember my "beach day trip" dream? Sana mangyari this year! Haha =p Hug!


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