I'm sorry Serenitea, Chatime now rules my heart!

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Remember my milk tea overload when I said Serenitea and Happy Lemon were better than Chatime? The title says it all; someone else now owns my tea-loving heart! Sorry but Chatime is more exciting than Serenitea. I have had numerous trips to Chatime for my tea fill whether it is milk or fruit based. They have more variants which enthrall me whenever I visit.

For some odd reason, I don't have photos of all of my Chatime trips. Haha If you're a Chatime first timer, here are my recommendations for you:

Chatime Milk Tea
If you're a milk tea lover, try this first. It reminds me of Singapore's Tea Tarik but sweeter. It's one of the basic milk teas that they have. If with the basic milk tea they rock, what more the other experimental flavors?

Cocoa Smoothie
My golly, for P55 this will give you your chocolate fix!

Pearl Milk Tea
This one is my cousin's fave, it's another milk tea basic.
Passionfruit Green Tea
For days when I want something fruitier, I go for the Passionfruit Green Tea. It's light and reminds me of summer.

Chocolate Mousse
When my friend and I were waiting for our order, we saw this and was instantaneously attracted to it. We immediately asked the server it was. This one reminds me of Happy Lemon's Rock Salt with Cheese without the salty part.

The first drink I disliked: the Grapefruit QQ Jelly
It was TOO sweet, and I have a sweet tooth!

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Current Branches (and growing, FAST!):
Chatime Pioneer Center, Pasig
Chatime Robinson's Galleria Supermarket
Chatime Landmark Bridgeway, Makati
Chatime One Archers Place, Taft
Chatime SM Mall of Asia, Manila

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  1. Hi Rica! I am also super obsessed with milk tea! Serenitea previously was my tea of choice (our recent orders were a bit watery though), but now I love Bubble Tea! Will try Chatime soon :)

  2. Hi George, welcome to the club!! Have you tried Thailand's ice tea? Even the instant mix from Nestle is AWESOME! =) I hoard that whenever someone goes there. Haha Do try Chatime! I think you will lust for it too. Haha =)


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