January 2013 in Molome

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It’s another mix of food and sights for my Molome pix. I had a good start to the year thanks to the Luneta Photo Walk.

(1) Made my first visit to the newly opened Jamba Juice branch in Megamall.
(2) Support Pinoy films! I watched Brillante Mendoza’s “Thy Womb” – the only movie I watched during last year’s MMFF.
(3) Another batch of fries and the Serendipity from Borough, I cant have enough of it.
(4) My Cotton On planner for 2013, I hope it’s right!

(5) This month’s photo walk.
(6) Oreo mochi ice cream anyone?
(7) It has been awhile since I had my nails painted so let’s kick start the year with some sparkle.
(8) With the cold January nights, a cup of hot chocolate with matching cinnamon stick is the perfect companion.

(9) The Taal Heritage House is on the cover of this book, so proud.
(10) Why is everyone talking about these 2???
(11 & 12) Another cold January night - this time Ca Phe Sa Dua is my drink of choice.

(13) Partially injured. Machine gun editing and massive layout work leaves my right hand, wrist and arm injured.

2013 is a good start. It’s the end of February and I’ve been taking a bunch of fun photos. Don’t forget to follow me on Molome.

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