Absolutely Savvy Magazine for Riana’s 13th Birthday

Thursday, March 21, 2013

In February, I was MIA because of a project I took on for my niece Riana. It was her 13th Birthday and instead of the usual audio visual presentation, Riana and her Mom (my Manang Pia) decided to have a magazine and show it instead.

I helped out with the content, writing and made the layout for the magazine. It was a lot of hard work, injured hands and sleepless night but I am proud of the outcome. They ended up printing several copies of the magazine for the party and for the family. Kudos Manang Pia for another awesome party and spearheading the whole shebang!

To see the rest of the pages (all 59 of them) visit this link.

The Absolutely Savvy Magazine Team:
Pia Villavicencio-Lago, Ronan Capili, Dale Feliciano, Luis Santos, Jeff Galang, Nancy Vitangcol, Triccie Alfonso, Angelu, Bullet, Rica de Ramos.

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