From Deadma Juice to Jamba Juice

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I’ve been hearing about Jamba Juice’s opening because everyone has been making a big deal about it. I remember Tin excitedly texting me about it and I was one word, deadma. Haha I don’t have any memory with the place. Tin and I found ourselves in the Fort area and headed to the direction of the famed smoothie place. Will I like it?

Upon stepping in, you could immediately feel the good vibes resonating from the décor, ambiance and Jamba peeps. It was a wet Tuesday night when we visited Jamba Juice and it didn’t stop us from getting cold drinks. It was easy picking a size but difficult to pick just one item. I actually looked forward to trying out the Steel Cut Oatmeal because I have a love and hate relationship with conventional oatmeal.

Mega Mango Fruit and Creamy Smoothie
mangoes, strawberries, orange juice, pineapple juice (3.5 full servings)

It screams mangoes! Haha This smoothie tasted like it had layers, it would hit you with mangoes then give you some pineapple juice after. The Mega Mango was a tad more sour than the Strawberry Surf Rider. 

Strawberry Surf Rider Classic Smoothie
strawberries, peaches, lemonade, lime sherbet (2.5 full servings)

True to the drink’s name, the Strawberry Surf Rider would make for a good best friend on a beach trip. I could feel the sun hitting my skin and downing this smoothie. All of the fruits blended perfectly together for one cohesive drink.

Apple Cinnamon Steel Oat Oatmeal
This was my first time to try steel oats and it’s definitely different from regular oatmeal. The size of the oats reminded me of our local arroz caldo. I like the texture and consistency of steel oats that I don’t know how to go back to regular oatmeal anymore. The apple was exceptionally sweet for my palette though.

I ordered the last 2 things in this entry and found myself craving for something salty. As I told Tin, order me a bucket of popcorn and this experience would have been perfect. If I do head to Jamba Juice again I would like to bring a tasty salty snack with me to balance out the sweetness of the fruits.

Jamba Juice
7th Avenue corner 29th South, 1634 Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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  1. Hooray! =) But I liked your drink way better than mine haha. I still like the one I chose in NYC best. I'll order that one next time. Dreaming of steel cut oatmeal too. I'll buy a pack from Healthy Options! Hahaha!

  2. how do you have a blogger profile?? hehe =) ooohhh i didnt think about healthy options. tama. pwede! good idea! =)

    what was your drink in nyc again? basta may maalat, game ako jumamba ulit! haha


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