The Main Event – Apparel & Accessories Shopping in Bangkok

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Now that you know where my haul came from, take a deep breath and calm you heart because clothes and accessories are up! 

Silk Ties and Bowties
100 THB Each for the neck tie (approximately P135)
50 THB Each for the bow tie (approximately P67.50)
Both from the souvenir shop next to Hotel Vista Express

Various Plus Size Blouses
150 THB (approximately P202.50) – Poke Shop, Pratunam Market

Aztec Tunic
120 THB (approximately P162) – Prinx, Red Corner
Neon Tank Tops
200 THB for 3 (approximately P270) – Red Corner
Very on trend and for less than P100, my cousins thanked me profusely for these. 

Gabagillion Dresses
100 – 140 THB each (approximately P135-189) – Top Shop, Red Corner
I went crazy when I saw this stall. They had more than a dozen styles of dresses in plenty prints. Make sure to double check the dresses you get because quality can be inconsistent. After buying my haul (I bought 8 for myself and as gifts), I went back to the hotel to try them on. Some had problems so I went back to have them exchanged. I hope you get the nice seller who accommodated me and not the seller that was uncouth. 

Collared Shirt
200 THB (approximately P270) – Chets, Platinum Mall
This stall sold only collared t-shirts for men and women. You know the rainbow? They have more colors than that available! 
Tees for the Little Ones
150 THB each (approximately P202.50) – Platinum Mall
Angas tees for my god children. The print on the shirt is rubberized. 

Line Thai Shirts
150 – 250 THB each depending on size (approximately P202.50 – 337.50) - Chatuchak and Platinum Mall
I love this brand! I got my family shirts from here from the 2008 visit and I vowed to return and get new shirts for the 2012 visit. 

Woonwai Tees
150 THB each (approximately P202.50) - Fairy Tale, Platinum
I like the distressed vintage look of their shirts and was surprised to find a Philippine flag design. I add another piece to my proudly pinoy collection. I wanted to get the shirt at retail price so I needed 1 more shirt. They have limited color options for their shirts. I wanted to get the Thai flag but it looked bet on the same blue version as the Philippine Flag so I opted for the Union Jack instead. Also, their shirts are unisex so it doesn’t do anything for a woman’s figure. 

Sparkly Flats
Nix Shoes – 299 or 399 THB – Platinum
These are Nix’s. I wanted to get them in champagne or black but they didn’t have my size! Sadness, I really lusted over these. 

Solo Bangles
50 THB each (approximately P67.50) - So Good Accessories, Platinum
The bangles are 150 THB at retail prices and 50 THB at wholesale prices. Who’s gonna buy it at retail prices if you get 3 bracelets for the price of 1? Haha 

White and Blue Double Wrap Bracelet
60 THB (approximately P81) - So Good Accessories, Platinum

Pink and Blue Double Wrap Bracelet
80 THB (approximately P108) - So Good Accessories, Platinum
I Heart So Good Accessories!!!!

Neon Bracelet Set
280 THB (approximately P378) – Nana, Platinum
I was eyeing a set similar to this at the Ramp before my trip but I resisted the urge to get them because this Nana version looked way better and was much cheaper. Out of all the accessories I got, this is my favorite. 

Pastel Balloon Necklace – Nana, Platinum
Nix broke her shopping ban by getting this necklace as her last purchase. Haha 

This commercial break is brought to you by photos from Platinum Mall.
I didn’t know they were THAT accessible there. 

Wonderfully styled jersey dresses that made us stop and inquire. Peg! 

Nix’s fave floor in Platinum.

Hooooooooaaaards of bags

Local bath and body products can are found on the 6th floor. 

Back to regular programming!
Tube Maxi Dress
100 THB (approximately P135) – Along Petchburi
On our way home one night, I saw this dress from one of the street vendors.  I have 3 dresses in this exact style but in another fabric and it has been my travel uniform. I wasn’t on the too hot to get another dress in the same style but for 100 THB, I couldn’t say no. The vendor mentioned they were being sold for double in Pratunam and Platinum but I was skeptical. I secretly wished she was telling the truth and I didn’t get duped. Lo and behold, she was. This was a lucky score. 

Green Bag
199 THB (approximately P269) – Chatuchak
The most COMFORTABLE T-Shirt
50 THB Each (approximately P67.50) – Chatuchak
These are guys’ shirts! They are made of the softest fabric that I could only describe as the pefect tee to wear on a lazy Sunday with your fave pair of shorts. These v-neck shorts are dirt cheap come in just 4 colors: black, blue, gray and white. I wish they had them in my size, I sssoooo would have hoarded.

Short Tube Dresses
200 THB Each (approximately P270) – Chatuchak 
This stall is a beach worshipper’s dream. With a massive range of dresses, tops and swimwear, you’ll be set for your beach trips. I wasn’t able to find the print and style in my size so I wasn’t able to buy a bikini, boo! The owners were courteous and warm; don’t you just love sellers like that?? 

When I saw the black dress, I knew I had this year’s Christmas dress. I loved that wooden detail in the middle. 

Manang and I looked at this print and thought “This is a Rica dress!” so it came home with us. Hehe

Maxi Dresses
200 THB Each (approximately P270) – Da Design, Chatuchak but haggled down further!
I chanced upon this stall as we were leaving Chatuchak. I love maxi dresses! It’s like wearing a daster (oh yeah I said it) but outside. Da had maxi dresses and midi dresses in different styles and designs. These maxi dresses’ are also sheer since the inner lining is until the knee or at times higher. I scoured the stall to pick styles that I don’t already have in my closet. 

While picking and as a negotiation strategy, I was asking the seller about buying in bulk but she said 200 THB is the wholesale price already. After more talk and a few laughs, I haggled it down to 500 THB for 3 dresses or approximately P225 each! When Nix and Manang heard that, they started scouring as well. All 3 of us ended up getting 3 dresses each. Who can walk away from such a bargain??? This is one of the best buys from the trip!

They only have 1 size for all the dressed but because of the varying styles, we were all able to buy. It’s a good testament of the stall since we have different body types.


The mission, to get my shop on. TASK COMPLETED. Though lighter, my wallet and I thank you Bangkok! You so awesome, see you again soon! =p

* Additional photos from Rissa de Ramos-Cortez and Nix Sionosa.

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Want other hotel options in Bangkok? You can check it out here.

Poke Shop
First Plaza, Pethcburi 19, Pratunam, Bangkok

Prinx (in Red Corner)

Top Shop (in Red Corner)
Kamralyoke 2 Room A1, Petchburi Soi 21, Pratunam, Bangkok
089-8116462; 081-7629464

4th Floor, Camden 1, Room 986, Platinum Fashion Mall, Ratchathevee, Bangkok
084-5451919; 089-2899299

Line Thai
Available all over Bangkok

Fairy Tale
4th Floor, Camden 6, Room 222/976, Platinum Fashion Mall, Ratchathevee, Bangkok

So Good Accessories
5th Floor, Alley 4-5, Room 1291, Platinum Fashion Mall, Ratchathevee, Bangkok

Nana Accessory Shop
5th Floor, Alley 3, Room 1274, Platinum Fashion Mall, Ratchathevee, Bangkok
02-1218629; 081-8183988

Da Design
085-1294430; 089-7740016

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