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Thursday, March 07, 2013

It’s embarrassing. It’s just March and I’ve been a delinquent blogger once a month since 2013 started. After being MIA in February, I swore to have a constant presence online again. Something happened at the tail end of February. I wasn’t able to post the scheduled articles nor had the heart (and mind) to write my backlog. I don’t normally post extremely personal stories but I needed to explain myself.

Not a lot of my friends knew that my Lolo Tito was sick and rushed to the hospital in mid February. A day after checking in, he was moved to the ICU. Our big and clannish family took turns spending time with him in the hospital making sure a family member was always there. We even had 12 hour “shifts” and being nocturnal, I was part of the evening batch. Surrounded by almost all of us (his kids and grandkids), he passed away on February 27 at 11:07 PM. 

To my friends, don’t feel bad that you didn’t know. I wasn’t in a place wherein I wanted to announce it to the whole world and have everyone over. I know a lot you wanted to visit and I truly appreciate that. Thank you for wanting to be there for our family. On a “work” note, I aim to post regularly again in the next couple of days so please be patient with me. 

Thank you for all the prayers and support. Lolo Tito is no longer in pain and experiencing the good life there. The past couple of weeks have been exhausting but full of love and wonderful stories about Lolo. I didn’t expect that we would all cry as much as we did at the wake and burial. It is amazing how much he touched all of us. Our family is slowly laughing again. Here’s to you Lolo, Sixto Power for the win!!!

Btw, how apt that this is my 600th post. 

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