Around the World in Terminal 21 (Still in Bangkok!)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Even though this was a purely shopping trip (with a lot of eating on the side), I still wanted to do a lit bit of sightseeing. I had plans of visiting the Thong Lo area, Terminal 21 and the Talad Rot Fai along Khamphaengphet Road.  How do you cram all that in 3 days? You compromise. I wanted to see a lot in a short period of time (I just had an hour to explore) so I ended up just visiting Terminal 21.

Why Terminal 21? I’m a design freak. I get giddy being surrounded by contemporary design and different design elements. This mall is renowned for having themed destinations per floor. It is also conveniently located along Sukhumvit Road and very easy to commute to

I was alone when I visited Terminal 21. It would have been so awesome to have Pasto or some of my crazies with me because of the many pose inducing visuals! Haha But alas that wasn’t the case. Nevertheless I had a wonderful time exploring the mall. 

First Stop: Rome!
When I entered the Ladies bathroom, the attendant had to motion me to the right because it had so many mirrors I was walking towards the left (about to hit a mirror!). Haha

While in Rome, I stopped by this exhibit. I wasn’t able to catch the name but the artist would turn photographs into these things (yes, I don’t know exactly what they material is called either).

When you look closely, the artist was able to recreate the details also. Amazing!

Next stop, Bonjour Paris.

Not exactly like walking along the streets of Paris but good enough.
Terminal 21 paid great attention to detail. Even the doors, store names, bathrooms and posts are thematic.

We head to land of the Rising Sun – Tokyo, Japan.

I love that they played with the different facets of Tokyo. There is a presence of the traditional elements Japan is known for.

You also get a side of the younger and hipper Tokyo.

You’ll find a lot of local stores on this floor. This section reminded me of Robinson Galleria’s 50th Avenue and Powerplant’s Archaeology Wing.

Blimey, it’s time to visit the Queen.

I’ve always been fascinated with the UK more than the US. It was “Bee’s Knees” to be surrounded by so many Brit thangs. Hahaha

Merhaba Istanbul!

I love how different each floor is that it doesn’t compete with one another. Each floor is an experience on its own, nothing better than the other.

I couldn’t help but stare at the lamps.

The top floor brings you to San Francisco. The food court is actually here and they have an extensive selection of restaurants and cuisines for you to enjoy.

You get overwhelmed by the massiveness of the bridge as you head up the escalator. Insane.

Oh yes, they have a Reflections restaurant here too!

The different posts featured in the mall. My fave? The one from Tokyo! Mwahahahaha

From the top: Istanbul, Paris, Tokyo, Rome
These are the hallways leading to the bathrooms. Galing diba???

From the top: London, Istanbul, Paris, Tokyo
I told you even the storefronts look different per floor.

Thank you Terminal 21 for making me happy even for an hour. I know there is more to see in Bangkok but if you want to have fun, pose and be silly, Terminal 21 is worth the trip. They also have free wifi btw!

My food and shopping posts are coming up! 

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Terminal 21
2,88 Sukhumvit Soi 19 (Wattana) Sukhumvit Rd. North Klongtoei, Wattana, Bangkok

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  1. oh my! i would love to see all of these wonderful features too! imagine, around the world in just one stopover. thanks so much for this great virtual tour. na-excite naman ako! :) keep posting!

    1. hi kaye, thanks for visiting again. have a couple of posts coming up! =)


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