Eating my way through Pratunam, Bangkok

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is my third post about the trip and I forgot to give my full disclosure! I really went on vacation on this trip. Read: I didn’t think as a blogger. I’m not making excuses, I’m stating my choice. I had an enriching trip and I loved being free from the pressure of writing about it. 

So a lot of photos from this Bangkok 2012 series come from the kindness of Manang and Nix. Blogging aside, I’m severely glad they took photos to document our trip and the memories!  Awesome sauce. So back to this post!

Besides shopping, I really wanted to attack the street food that Bangkok is notorious for. On my first trip, I wasn’t able to dive into this facet of the city so I swore to experience as much as I could on this trip. 

Since I wasn’t on blogger mode, I wasn’t able to take down everything so I do apologize ahead of time for that. If I do know what the item is, how much it was and where I bought it, I would specify it below. If it’s not there, sorry but I don’t have the info so please don’t ask me. =)

Innards with Basil, Pad Thai, Fresh Spring Rolls, Crepe
Platinum Mall Food Court
Platinum has a great food court. You have a myriad of food choices priced affordably (albeit more expensive than street food) in the comforts of my shopping haven. Most of the stalls here have menus with photos or are numbered (example 17A – Chicken Basil, 17B – Fish Basil, etc) to make ordering easier.

Thai Omelet
40 THB (approximately P54) – Platinum Mall Food Court
Since it had “Thai” in it I thought it would taste different but it didn’t. It just tasted like a regular omelet. Haha

Fish fillet served with tiny cucumbers and a sweet and spicy dipping sauce
Crispy Pancake
10 THB (approximately P13.50) – Along Petchburi 19
Even though we had free buffet breakfast at the hotel, the carts along Soi 19 looked so interesting I didn’t want to miss out. I tried this crispy pancake with coconut and some fruit. There were other concoctions that the lady was selling but I got the sweet version.

Milk Tea!!!
20 THB (approximately P27) – Along Petchburi 19
What would a trip to Thailand be without you???? When do you feel like you’re truly in Bangkok? Manang said if she rode an elephant. Uhm…They’re outside the city….I on the other hand know I’m in Bangkok when I’m shopping first thing in the morning with my fave drink in hand.

Chicken Satay
40 THB for 8 pieces (approximately P54) – I don’t know the name of the eatery but it’s the chicken logo above and it’s along Petchburi Road
We had dinner here on our last day. Famished and tired, we looked for a place that we could eat at.

I had milk tea at the same place but you can skip it all together. It was the blandest version I had on the trip.

This was a poster inside the eatery, teehee.

An abundance of protein on a stick
Pratunam Night Market
Innards? Chicken? Prawns? Lobster? Yes, you can buy them on the streets of Bangkok readily.

Here we are checking out the menu of a vendor at the Pratunam Night Market 15 minutes before closing time.

Tito Nonoy enjoying fresh buko. Compared to our buko, this looks like a bukito. Haha I don’t know what they call coconut in Thai but I remember what they called it in Cambodia – dong. Hehe Yes, I am such a Kapuso.

Nix waiting for our food.

My Meat + Garlic Dish
Pratunam Night Market

Manang’s Meat + Basil (not Brazil hahaha!) Leaves
Pratunam Night Market

We were lucky that we caught the last day of this food bazaar outside Platinum Mall on our first night! Unanimously, our favorite food from the trip came from here.

Tofu with Sweet Sauce and Fresh Spring Rolls
Food Bazaar along Petchburi Road
Thank you Vietnam for opening my world to Fresh Spring Rolls! Oh diba, fresh and nutritious options for street food!

Samosa looking fried dumplings with pork inside
10 THB (approximately P13.50) – Food Bazaar along Petchburi Road

We had our share of friendlier Thais on this trip! Say hello to the animated lady who sold the spring rolls (fried and fresh) and those samosa looking fried dumplings. She was a delightful one!

Sausages from Northern Thailand with Cabbage
20 THB (approximately P27) – Food Bazaar along Petchburi Road
We were handed a bag of sausages, cabbage and 2 barbecue sticks. It is such a simple combination that works and I don’t know why I never thought of doing the same here in Manila! Their sausages are nothing like ours; it’s more on the salty side. The crisp cabbage beautifully complemented the saltiness perfectly.
Fresh Dalandan Juice
20 THB (approximately P27) – Food Bazaar along Petchburi Road
Seriously! I was the first one to buy a glass of this and after a sip, everyone followed suit. We couldn’t stop raving about it and never found another dalandan juice/shake that could come close to it. Just using fruit and ice, this baby was freaking good.

On a side note, I noticed that Thais don’t use cube ice but crushed ice whether it’s a fruit drink, coffee or tea. Could this be the reason why cold drinks in Bangkok last longer?
Here we are enjoying our street food haul on our first night. Haha

Be warned, places close earlier than advertised. If they say the place/store/market is open until 12 midnight, a lot of them start closing 30-45 minutes beforehand.

I consumed more food but didn’t take photos of them. Mwahahaha I got a lot of rice toppings, crepe and drinks in the Pratunam area. I noticed something, why is it okay for vendors to touch our food abroad? Mwahahahahaha

Thank you Bangkok for filling my happy tummy! Til we meet again! 

* Additional photos from Rissa de Ramos-Cortez and Nix Sionosa.

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