Five ways to lessen your travel budget

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Traveling need not cost an arm and a leg.  You are at your dream destination and need to stick to your budget; here are a couple of tips to help with that.

Try local transportation
One taxi ride is okay but when you add up all the rides you’ve had, it can cause a huge dent on your budget. Part of traveling is experiencing the culture of the country; embrace everything about the place including its different modes of transportation. Don’t be afraid to shop around Bangkok in a tuktuk or visit different tourist spots around Manila using a jeepney.

Stay clear from mineral water bottles

If you keep buying mineral water during your vacation, it will cost you. Not only that, it’s not great for the environment either. Bring a reusable bottle with you on your trip. Most hotels or restaurants offer free mineral water so just load up when you spot them. The money you save on mineral water can be good enough to buy more souvenirs. There are even water bottles that have their own filter. These portable filtration bottles enable you to pour tap water in the bottle and have safe drinking water.

Look for free admission

You want to indulge the culture bug in you. Hitting all the famous museums when you travel on a budget might be farfetched. Dig deep because some websites and travel magazines will give you the skinny on museums who offer free entrance to the public. If you find yourself in Singapore, the Singapore Art Museum offers free admission every Friday from at 6-9 PM.

Don’t disregard travel agents

Some agencies have a bad reputation for overcharging tourists but not all. You can get very cheap holidays if you do your research. Feel free to compare different rates of travel companies versus if booking everything on your own. You also lessen the stress of having to plan your vacation.

Stay with family and friends

If you’re lucky to have family and friends at your chosen location, make the most out of that advantage. You will save a lot if they graciously offer their digs for you during your vacation. The people you know will have first hand information on what to do, where to go, when to go and why to go. The information you get from them is valuable. They can give you insider info on the best and possibly cheapest places to try the local cuisine or where to head to find unique and charming one of a kind souvenirs. Not only do you reconnect with familiar faces, you gain new experiences.

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