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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

I originally posted this in my multiply blog in December 2008 as gift suggestions for fellow kaladkarins. The prices might not be updated, teehee but the products are still the same ones I use until now.

Here are products that I do actually have and bet other freakos like me might appreciate. Disclaimer, I am an over packer and I admit it. Haha =)

These are tools that make travelling lovelier for me.

1. Lock and Lock Bottle
Why it’s a must: It doesn’t spill.

A recent find thanks to Danica. We keep buying bottles of water when on a trip. When you hit a hot place like Bangkok, you better be hydrated. Instead of buying water at every stop, just bring a bottle of your own. What I love the most about it is that I can put it in my bag (where my phone, wallet and camera are) with no worries of any accidents.

I was testing the bottle in Rustans and tried to splash my family with water to test for spillage, we all went home dry.

Available in leading department stores, P179.75 for the 500 ML.
It comes in several sizes and styles.

Aquazorb Towel
Why it’s a must: It’s light and dries fast.

More than perfect for beach trips. Plain and simple - these towels are lighter, thinner and dry tremendously faster than conventional towels. Technology is wonderful! I can take a bath, leave the towel on my bed, go to the beach for the afternoon and return after expecting it to be dry. No more baths using wet musty towels or bringing home HEAVY plastic bags with wet towels.

You wouldn’t think of buying one for yourself since you hardly have towel thoughts.

Available at Greenhills Tiangge and the Mega Atrium. They have more outlets but these 2 are the ones I’m sure of. Aquazorb towels come in numerous styles and colors.

3. Rubber Ducky Wet Bag

Why it’s a must: Say goodbye to nightmares of your electronics getting wet.

Kimie was the first person I saw this bag with. It is such a fabulous blessing to beach troopers like us. On beach trips, I whip this out and fears of my camera or my phones getting wet melt away. I sometimes use this for city trips as well when I think we might experience rain. It may not be fashionable but I’d rather have that than a broken camera or phone. How about you?

I bought mine at Surfworld in Greenhills. Available in different surf shops
(Mega, Gateway, Rockwell) and in different styles, sizes and colors.

4. The BraBag

Why it’s a must: It keeps your intimates in fabulous shape.

This one is a good investment and for the ladies haha =) Only we can understand the sheer horror of opening your luggage and seeing your intimates, squashed to oblivion. Nooooo! It may be pricey but worth every penny. I’ve used this on several trips already and haven’t encountered any problems. Perhaps the biggest downsize is that it takes up space. It can also be used as a weapon. Whip this out and bonk it on someone’s head, they might end up cold. Hahaha

PLEASE don’t be fooled by the poor imitation that SM made. There is a stark difference in the quality and I if you really want protection for your intimates, go for the original one. =)
Available at Velvet Rose, P1995. It comes in 8 designs and 2 sizes.

So, I keep recommending stuff I have. At least you know its coming from someone who vouches for these products! Haha I love all these products that are part of the list. Ask my travelling buddy Owee, I usually have these babies with me. Haha =)

* Additional photos from Aquazorb and Brabag.

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  1. aquazorb is also available in trinoma (landmark ata, same floor as pillows, bed sheets, and other home accessories) and shang (it's a kiosk, forgot the floor, but definitely not in the 1st floor nor the floor with the carousel) :) >>melissa

  2. it's been ages since i saw my comments. haha thanks for the add on info! =)



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