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Monday, November 12, 2012

I was annoyed by this segment on Star World. It was about Wellness Alliance and in a 1 hour show I would see it at least 4 times. Eventually, I started listening to what the segment was saying and the restaurant Yellow Halo caught my attention. 

Yellow Halo's slant? Their meals are all less than 500 calories and offer the suggested balanced diet. Don't expect large portions of each dish since they are based on the balanced diet concept. I’m not a calorie counter but the benefits of this restaurant make me feel like I’m doing something good for my body.

This restaurant repudiates over eating. The interiors aren’t depressing, they are in fact comfy. I’m a fan of yellow so the color scheme was fine by me. My sister and I ate there for lunch. We liked the restaurant so much that we brought our parents for dinner there on the same night. My whole family is a fan and we’ve been there at least 4 times already thus the amount of food you’re about to see.

Mixed Seafoods (P210)
High Protein Plate – 420 Calories
Meatloaf with Spanish Coleslaw (P230)
Low Fat Plate – 440 Calories
Porkchop with Mustard Cream Sauce (P180)
High Fiber Plate – 450 Calories
Chicken Stir Fry (P180)
Low Glycemic Plate – 420 Calories
Rosemary Chicken Sandwich (P90)
This is a light sandwich, it wasn’t as filling as normal sandwiches but for 280 calories what did you expect? The Rosemary Sandwich was on the soggy side but I was willing to forgive that because of the flavorsome chicken in between the soggy bread.

Tomato Basil and Cottage Cheese (P90)
I loooooove the dynamic duo of tomato and basil but Yellow Halo’s version used sweet tomato which threw off the wonderful partnership for me.

Chicken Fajita (P80)
290 Calories
The Chicken Fajita was another lightweight dish. I didn’t want to overeat so I ordered the fajita to share with my Dad while I gobbled the Tuna Vermicelli.
Tuna Vermicelli (P180)
I thought vermicelli was something else when I ordered this dish. Lo and behold, yes it is sotanghon. Haha I was disappointed when I saw it but my disappointment melted once the vermicelli touched my lips. This dish was scrumptious. The vermicelli was sautéed in garlic and chili making them cling to the vermicelli. The dish may look like a drably shade of brown but believe me, it packs a flavorful punch.
Mongolian Beef (P230)
Healthy Protein plate – 450 calories
This dish had an overwhelming ginger taste and was too sweet – 2 things I don’t enjoy in a main dish.
Balsamic Chicken (P210)
High Fiber plate – 380 calories
I made it a point to pick a meal that answered my needs; I needed more fiber in my life. If the Italian Bolognese sauce and balsamic vinegar had a love child, the sauce of this dish would be it. The balsamic tomato sauce was generous and matched my vegetables very well. I would dip my veggies in the sauce from time to time. I immensely enjoyed this plate with everything on it. I actually ate the fruits and vegetables!
Tumeric Chicken with Pasta (P210)
High Fiber Plate – 320 Calories
I can’t stop raving about how some of the dishes in Yellow Halo just burst with flavors. Despite the turmeric giving off a spicy vibe, I fell in love with this dish. It felt like my palate was on a journey taking me to another place.
Mango Fruit Shake, Watermelon Basil Shake (P65 each)
100 Calories
Yellow Halo offers healthy drinks too! All the shakes are below 150 calories and are freshly made. The shakes aren’t dripping with sugar and I surprisingly appreciated them in spite of that. 

Over all, the vegetables that accompanied the rice dishes lacked the presence of seasoning (salt and pepper) but ironically still had flavor. Yellow Halo cooks the vegetables in a way that highlighted its natural taste. My sister and I noticed that on our first visit, we felt full. The carnivore in me theorizes that it must be the positive effect of eating a balanced meal that included vegetables.  

All healthy plates come with unsweetened iced tea for dine in customers. The Yellow Halo version is bitter which can be appreciated by tea aficionados but may not sit well with the majority of the population. Feel free to ask for Splenda for your iced tea. 

Service could be improved at Yellow Halo because all of the times we visited, there was only 1 server available. Granted the restaurant was never packed but still, an additional server could be utilized. There was times when music was played and there were times when there wasn’t. It would be nice if they were consistent and had music because it also adds to the dining experience.

The whole Wellness Alliance center concept works well. Imagine after your work out, you can compliment it by having a healthy meal afterwards VS fast food joints. Yellow Halo showed me that a balanced diet can taste tremendously good and isn’t boring. We tasted a couple of dishes that had red sauce but no 2 red sauces were alike (based on the dishes we ordered). 

I am thrilled to find another healthy restaurant within my area. Yellow Halo will make you glad too If you don’t expect American sized servings and if you’re in the mood to do right by your body then you'll enjoy Yellow Halo. If you’re a first timer, I would recommend trying the Balsamic Chicken and Tumeric Chicken with Pasta. Be more adventurous with your picks on your next visit.

* Additional photos from Rissa Cortez.


Yellow Halo
22nd Floor Wellness Alliance Strata 100, F. Ortigas Junior Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig
10 AM – 10 PM


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