Travel Inspired Wall Accessories from Our Home

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SM did it again. On a sourcing trip for Food in the home department my eyes lit up. OMG…They had wall accessories that I WANTED. I don’t have my own house, coffee shop or restaurant but I wanted to get these posters for any of the three places mentioned. Drool with me.

Before we see the travel related posters, I spotted this one that is Food Mag worthy. Haha (P749.75)

I love the simplicity of these posters! The younger set may not know some of these items which show the evolution of music players but they still strike a chord with me. I would love to hang this in my imaginary coffee/tea shop, teehee. (P399.75)

What is trip without a postcard (and a stamp)?

A modernist (is it what the style is called?) approach to popular tourist spots in Europe (P499.75 each)

An ode to old Hollywood. The production person in me approves! The clapper would find its way to my imaginary den. (P449.75)

A vintage representation of fave spots, if I had a walk in closet I would gladly hang a piece there. (P399.75)

This set is one of my faves from everything I saw. I love the young vibe the NYC pieces exude. (P499.75)

Out of everything my ultimate fave are the collections of black, white and red images of London. I’ve had a soft spot for the UK for various reasons and this group touches it right on the dot.  (P449.75)

If you like these wall accents rush to the nearest SM now! Available in SM Department Stores and Our Home stores nationwide.

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