Little Tokyo Photo Walk for September

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I really should have known what I was getting into when the place has "Little" in its name. Being the idealistic me, I insisted on visiting Little Tokyo for my September Photo Walk.

My friends and I had plans to have dinner in Little Tokyo. I wanted to head there earlier to explore the place. Some of them were coming from other places so they would make it in time for dinner. Lo and behold, I got Little Tokyo. Haha I have nothing bad to say about the place, it was really my mistake to think that a place called with the word little in it was big enough to explore for a photo walk. My bad. Haha

We took a tour of the place and were done in 15 minutes. Haha Only one thing was certain, Danix wanted to try the takoyaki at Hana since they were her favorite and we read from Nina that it was the best.  We restaurant hopped in Little Tokyo to find our dinner spot. Our categories for judging were (1) the menu – Can we understand it? Does it look nice?; (2) the price; (3) the ambiance. There were menus that were just hand written or typed without describing the food. Sorry but that’s minus points for you.

We made our way to Hana to order Danix’s takoyaki and ended up having dinner here.

Tempura Udon – P320
Our friends ordered this but I wasn’t able to take a photo! Mwehehehe
Shoyu Ramen P180 – split for 2
During our visit, they only had two types of Ramen. We picked this one because Danix and I both wanted to try the soy based ramen. Can you see the white thing with the pink swirl? I found out that night from Kenny that it was Naruto. Yes, I do know there’s a cartoon with that name but I’m not a fan so I wasn’t familiar with the meaning. The naruto had an interesting texture, like a gelatinous fish cake. It sounds odd but it tasted like real food. I don’t have a lot of experience with Ramen but I liked this one, it actually filled me up. Just a tip, if you’d like to try the Shoyu Ramen I’d suggest splitting it in 2 and get something else to compliment it.
The Dessert – P120
Uhm, I forgot what it’s called. They original serving of this is just shaved ice with the syrup you like. We opted to add ice cream. Does it look like a snow cone? Yes. Does it taste like one? Yes. Haha It was a refreshing treat at the end of the meal but it didn’t seem very Japanese to us. Haha

Here’s a fun story from the night. Danix’s sister Tre followed from work. When she arrived, we were already in the middle of our meal. She ordered the Shoyu Ramen for herself. The bowl was huge! I swear, I could dunk my face in it. I joked Tre at the start of the meal, “Oh Tre, pag naubos mo yan in 10 minutes libre na yan ni Danix.” (Tre, if you finish that bowl in 10 minutes Danix will pay for it.) Tre was quietly eating while we continued catching. After some time she goes, “Naka 10 minutes ba?” (Has it been 10 minutes already?) We were astonished, she finished that huge bowl! We all didn’t take the challenge seriously so we didn’t know what time she started. Luckily, I took photos before she started eating and we checked the photo time stamp. OMG…she DID finish the bowl in 10 minutes. Tre, Ikaw Na! (You already!) Mwahahahaha

Can you do the 10 minute Shoyu Ramen Challenge? Hahaha I would go back to Little Tokyo not for a photo walk but for a meal.

Little Tokyo
2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati

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