The First Freaky Bridal Shower

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Definition of terms, “Freaks” is the name (one) of my HS barkadas. Get your head out of the gutter.

We really wanted to throw a nice bridal shower for the first bride in the group. The theme was set; spa party. Now all we had to worry about are the other details – everything else. Haha Attention to details adds personality to any event. The bride is a Gossip Girl and make-up fan so we integrated that as well.

We chose pink, black and white as our color palette.

The pink napkins may seem so simple but it was a good touch.

We thought of simple yet adorable decorations so we opted for the balloons and paper bag centerpieces.

Food tags are usually unnecessary but I kinda insisted on them. With all the wonderful design sites I’ve seen, it was time I put that design frustration to use. Haha


This was probably one of the easiest categories to decide on – all the food served was things we wanted. Haha We got most of them from Shoppersville.

The Games
We prepared more but we were only able to play 1. We split the intimate crowd into 2 and asked questions about the bride. We wanted to shy away from trivia about the couple so we had multiple choice questions about the bride like:
“The bride is allergic to all these except…”
“If the bride were to join a reality show it would be….”
“The bride graduated with honors in…”
“If the bride could only shop in 1 store forever it would be…”
And so much more! Haha It was a fun game and the guests were competitive which made things more fun.

The prizes were still theme related like Metro Magazine and make-up.

The Main Event

We got Celebrity Nails and they have a lot of packages to choose from. They bring their own set-up and the therapists were professional and easy to be around. Tin has used this company in the past and she’s happy with their work. I would definitely recommend them for home service or parties.

The Giveaways

We made these personalized tubs of lotion and scrubs.

We bought everything, made those layered tags and put together everything from scratch. We’re proud of the work and sweat that we poured into these tubs.

Each tub set was personalized with the initial of the guest.

After all the work, the Freaks were glad to have made a fun and memorable shower for the bride and everyone who attended. I’m particularly proud of this that’s why I’m blogging about it! Haha I figured someone out there might find this useful. Thanks again to everyone (you know who you are!) who immensely helped us make the shower happen. This was a team effort!

Additional photos from Pia Puno and Tin Samson.

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