Camera Bag Hunting Part 7: Moooore!

Friday, April 20, 2012

OMG. Yes…My hunt is still not over. Can you believe it? This is my 7th post already about my elusive bag! In honor of full disclosure, after posting about my blue Dominique Bag, my cousin Chinky asked if I wanted to swap with her: she’d buy the newly released RED Dominique for my blue one. I agreed! 

Danix and I in Siem Reap. I have so much backlog, I’m sorry. =( I haven’t had the time and energy to write because of the real world…

The thing about the Dominique is it’s not perfect. At P895 (Approximately $20), It’s a very good bag but as I mentioned in my review, the price is parallel to the quality. The bag is already showing signs of early retirement.

This experience reminded me that it is better to see the bag in person to gauge its quality. My experience with the Dominique resurrected my quest and fueled my need to research bags again, even if the price makes me want to cry. As I previously mentioned, I’m still on the lookout for the camera bag that fit my needs.
The Criteria:
1. Must fit my camera and my essentials for travelling.
2. I hope it doesn’t look like a typical camera bag.
3. Price.
Bonus points for weather proof-ness or at least can take on water/rain. I don’t even think about weight management anymore because will all my crap, it will automatically be heavy. Haha

Passport Sling $50 (Approximately P2,200)
In my sad state, I considered buying a bag that actually looked like a camera bag. I have 2 realistic options and this is the first one. The fact that it is by Lowepro means it made well. I like that it’s a sling and with Lowepro’s padding, protection is covered. The Passport Sling is perfect for traveling and day trips, the size will limit the amount of items I can put inside. One drawback, this bag doesn’t exactly match some of my dresses. Hahaha 

Emmerson $86 (Approximately P3,784)
The Emmerson comes in blue and you know that’s enough to get me giddy. The material and quality of Hellolulu is exceptional and is readily available here in Manila so it tempted me a lot.
Photo sources here and here

Millie $87 (Approximately P3,828)
Aaaahhh, the camera bag that looks like a normal bag list starts here – my original want. When I was using Dominique, the size of the bag was a curse and a blessing. I ended up lugging so much stuff inside the bag because it had space for it. Haha The Millie looks like the perfect size for me to keep my over packing ways in check. At $87, this is something I could consider buying.

Classic Bag $98 (Approximately P4,312)
I am a fan of bags that are shaped like this even for my every day bag. The Classic Bag comes in several colors for different personalities. 

* Photo source.

Betsy $109 (Approximately P4,796)
Little Miss Betsy is Millie’s sister. Honestly, this is probably more appropriate for me with all the stuff I lug around. You must think, why not lessen the items in your bag instead? All the items are needed! I can’t travel without my wallet, phone, umbrella, sunblock, shades and water bottle. Can you imagine walking all over Singapore and not have these? (Don’t answer that! Haha You probably can.)
* Photo sources here and here.
Livy $129 (Approximately P5,676)
Oh Livy, why do you have to come in such juicy colors? Compared to the Classic Bag, Livy looks more like a normal handbag. It can even accommodate your ipad. 

Lyric $154.99 (Approximately P6,820)
Without a doubt, Epiphanie continues to be my dream camera bag brand. They released 2 new bags and I just wanted to give my blood for the Lyric. I can’t stop gushing, this bag is really love but it’s just too expensive for a bag that I haven’t touched or seen in person. =( Why do you have to be so awesome?!?
* Photo source.

Tote and Shoot $229 (Approximately P10,076)
The Tote and Shoot bag’s design is the one that I wanted the most!!! One issue I have with some bags is that it’s sometimes difficult to keep getting your camera and putting it back in. The Tote and Shoot has a separate zipper and compartment for your camera which makes it so much easier to take out and return in. My only beef with the Tote and Shoot is that it is too big! Did the over packing person just say that? Yes, I do have limits too. If they could just come out with a smaller version (and more affordable version) similar to the Millie, Betsy or Lyric, it has potential of dethroning the Lyric as my number one love.

* Photo source

If I were to rank all the bags in order of want (regardless of price), it would be:
1. Smaller version of the Tote and Shoot
2. Lyric
3. Lola
4. B-Hobo Bag in Mustard
5. Mille or Betsy

In conclusion, I want you to suffer and salivate with me! Haha Do share in my agony of being too practical for my dream bag.

* Photos from the respective sites unless stated otherwise.

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